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And so we begin…

“Sitting under the Willow Tree”

Why would I write this site thinking someone might enjoy it? Let me count the ways.

  1. I’m now almost 64, and a couple years ago I allowed myself to question the status quo of modern church, and actually step out into a simplicity that had always tugged at my heart and probably caused me a lot of trouble over the many years. I allowed myself to believe I might actually be right, and the religious experts might be wrong. I guess it’s something that comes with age. You realize your time is running short and you don’t have time for foolishness anymore.
  2. So I took early retirement at 62, realizing I would still need to work part time, but perhaps with some creativity of simplicity, I could live my golden years in a better way than I had before, and make them truly golden.
  3. First I had to find the answers concerning this modern Jesus the churches are teaching, and the simple Jesus I kept seeing in scripture. I spent over a year studying the early church and the missing 200+ years our preachers don’t seem to want to talk about, from 33 A.D. to 300 A.D.. I found my answers, and believe me, our modern church ways preach a different version of Jesus than in our Bible, creating warped disciples, and a generation ready to fall away, as the Bible predicts, when the Antichrist reveals himself.
  4. I’ve always been a lover of simplicity. My wife and I raised 5 children on a very moderate income because “money” was never a priority with me. I always felt there are other things more important, and now as I am retired, it is even more necessary to find ways of doing things “on the cheap” so to speak. So I want to travel America… on the cheap… enter #5.
  5. I currently own a 1990 short-bed, Dodge Ram truck. I love the truck, but it gets like 15 mpg. I need a different old truck, so I can fix up the back in a way I have imagined for camping. This will be my own creation. So I need to make some money and create this vehicle that will allow me to travel this country “on the cheap”, and while I’m at it, visit “Salt Churches” that are springing up across our land.
  6. So I just hired on as a “dishwasher” at a restaurant, who’s name will remain secret, just in case I may write anything they don’t like. I’m hoping for the best, but I can see the job is very chaotic and they have a high turn-over rate. I just finished orientation and begin actual work this Friday. But if I can handle the chaos, a dishwasher can find a job almost anywhere, anytime. And I don’t need to make a lot. Just enough to care for wife and keep things going, no matter where my truck, dog, and I may be.
  7. In summation: What I call “Simple Church” and a true version of Jesus is very big with me. Most Christians today have 200+ years of missing knowledge concerning the original church, and why is that? It will be talked about here. I’m also a simple man with a simple plan. I’m not driven by the hungers so many are today, but I’m one to sit under the weeping willow tree and listen to the wind. I also have an adventurous soul, and by way of simplicity and creativity, I plan to do some things. The things I do will also promote fellowship in Christ wherever I go. And last: “Old Age”. My simple ways have kept me healthy for 64 years so far. I just had a complete physical and they couldn’t find anything wrong. I’m still med-free at 64. I love riding my bike and I plan to ride it wherever I go. If you want to stay healthy into old age, I might have some wisdom there. Time will continue telling. Heart disease runs big in my family tree, but so far, I’m good.

If you’re tired of what is becoming a more complex and shallow world, including the modern church, then I’m a rebel against that way and you might find Jesus was too. If you’re curious if this old guy is crazy, or might have a point, then all you got to do is visit this site on a regular basis because I love blogging and intend to record it all here. Just pull up a chair under the willow tree and enjoy the view.


Published by Path Without End

The burden of the White Feather. Do we walk the Path Without End, or are we living the dead end? We must awaken.

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