“A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree” #3

She chose to be a Skywalker.

As our series continues, I have mentioned I have a collection of movies that when viewed from a certain perspective, can be very spiritually inspiring. Not all of them, but many have something to do with Swords of Significance. For example, the sword “Excalibur” in the King Arthur stories would be a sword of significance, even having some kind of supernatural power.

As you should realize by now, I view God’s Word, our Bible, as a supernatural Sword of the greatest significance. Therefore, it is not unusual for me to find meaning and inspiration in such movies. “Star Wars” would be of that collection. Light Sabers. How much more appropriate could it get? A great battle against the Dark Side! Darkness threatening to rule the universe!

I married a beautiful young lady when I was twenty-one and she was eighteen. Almost 43 years later we are still together and have raised five children! We married in April of 1977, and the very first Star Wars hit the theater later that same year and blew us all away!

I fell in love with the idea of submitting myself to a Sword of Significance, like a Samurai for Christ. I sought training in spiritual ways. I prayed, fasted, even spent times in mountain campsites seeking God. I love the Black Hills area. I studied. I sat under many preachers and read many books. I have loved every day of it, and I continue in that way today. Strange as it may seem, Star Wars drove me towards my Bible, not away.

At that time I could identify with young Luke Skywalker. I could not so much with Obi-Wan; he was what I wanted to be. I hung on all three movies of the original trilogy, and then came the many years of silence. But I continued. The seed had been planted. I had my chosen sword, the Word of God.

As I watched Luke training and growing in the “force” and the way of the Jedi Knight, I also continued in such a path, but not the same. Mine was a different Sword, a different book, and a different way, but I could still identify with and be inspired by the idea of a Jedi Knight.

There is much I could say about Luke Skywalker, but he is not today. Disney brought us a new generation of Jedi Knight, and her name is Rey. When movies I, II, and III came out, for some reason I didn’t connect with them so much. But the moment this new Jedi came on the scene, untrained and unknown, struggling to survive, another underdog, I had an immediate connection.

Rey is of today, and so is my Willow Tree. At least for now, I want to speak of today. She did not know her family tree! She was a nobody! She did not know who she was. She was told she was a descendant of peasants. Nothing special. And yet Luke’s Light Saber kept calling to her?

It scared her. She did not understand. She just wanted to find her family of nobodies. She tries to run from it! The dark side also pulling at her, even as it does all of us! But the need was great. She finally answered the call and even managed to find Luke! But he tossed his Sword away as if it was nothing! A curse! A thing to be destroyed! And her journey became even more confusing as someone almost ruined the Star War’s story, by taking Luke completely out of character, and then movie number IX had to try and fix all that.

I went to the Willow Tree that day, happy, and with much to think about. She didn’t know who she was. Darkness and light wrestled within her. She made choices and her actions revealed them. By the end of the show, her eyes are towards the horizon, her future, and who does she choose to be? “My name is Skywalker,” she says. She disowns her physical birth and her old family to embrace being a Skywalker.

Genesis 5:23-24 says of a man named Enoch, “Enoch lived 365 years, walking in close fellowship with God. Then one day he disappeared, because God took him.”

Enoch chose to be a Godwalker. He walked with God and pleased Him so much, that God took him. Enoch is one of my great inspirations. To choose to be a Godwalker, a powerful force indeed. I have chosen such and only God knows how well I have succeeded or failed, but it has been such a delight in my life to chase after God! No matter how many times I may have fallen, God picks me up. Supernatural.

I thought of these things at the Willow Tree. I broke some bark off and it is right by my side as I write these words. I also took some twigs and use them for book markers in my Bibles. Willow Tree twigs make great book markers.

My Sword, my husband (see P-1), speaks to me of “temperance”. Now that is a biblical word with a whole lot of meaning, and you don’t want to be a cheap sword from China. Temperance is very very very important with swords, and also people!

I want to speak more of this tempering of swords, swords of significance, and of people. Rey took Luke’s and Lea’s swords to the desert. She wrapped them together and buried them with the reverence and honor they deserved.

My thoughts continued at the Willow Tree and so shall this series… soon. Until then, thank you for having a seat under the Willow Tree.

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