“A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree” #9

When a person decides to climb a mountain just because it’s there…why?

What is the satisfaction that comes when we answer something “calling to us”?

It might not make sense to anyone else, but it calls to “us”. It does not call to them. It is not in them. And as we answer that call, we find others who have a similar passion, we are not alone, and we find comrades.

Not answering a true calling leaves a very big hole in a person, but climbing a mountain requires strength, and strength is a product of fire! Do we have the temperance to the task? Are we the blade for that battle? Have we become the warrior who has a fire burning in his own belly? If we have short changed the tempering process of God, we will break in the battle. We will fail on the mountain.

There are many mountains before us, whether literal and physical, or metaphorical and spiritual. I’ve always enjoyed both. The young lady I spoke of in previous article has not found her mountain. No fire burns in her belly. I do not know her well enough to guess what her “calling” and gifting may be, but if she never develops a fire in her belly, she will fail, and her life will be hollow, no fulfillment.

“And now behold, the Lord has kept me alive, as he said these forty and five years, even since the Lord spake the word unto Moses, while the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness; and now, lo, I am this day eighty-five years old. As yet I am as strong this day as I was in the day that Moses sent me; as my strength was then, even so is my strength now, for war, both to go out, and to come in. Now therefore give me this mountain…” (Joshua 14: 10,11, and 12a)

Caleb had his eyes on a mountain. A fire still burned in his belly. The Lord honored his obedience and gave him uncanny strength born out of a lot of fire. He was still willing to answer the call, even in his old age.

I took early retirement from secular work feeling a similar call. I have felt it all my life, and now I have words to write and a work to do as long as the strength in this body does not fail. Only God knows if I will succeed, but I’d rather fail on the mountain than be found lazy in the low lands.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a baptism of fire? Most of us on planet earth will face such a thing multiple times in our life, but what did you do with it? Did you accept it? Go through it? Gain temperance, self-control, focus, patience, endurance, and strength in the fire? become the warrior? Or did you run? Raise a white flag of surrender? Is there little fight in you? No warrior to be found?

To finish the story of my own baptism of fire straight out of High School, I hired onto a construction crew belonging to a deacon in our Church. It seemed as if about a third of that Church was employed by this man, and he was a great man to work for. He changed the course of my life. He was so hard on me, but it was exactly what I needed. He has a position of great respect in my life to this day.

This construction company was young and growing, so they did not have all the bells and whistles yet. A lot of things had to be done the hard way. We framed houses and poured cement basements. It was hard hot work right out in the summer sun and winter freezing cold. It was dangerous work, too. Climbing two story walls with ice on them and a strong wind blowing. Carrying cement panels on your back across rough terrain, that weighed 140 pounds, and I only weighed 140 pounds! Most days during the summer were 10 to 12 hours long.

As it just happened to be, the day I signed on I got shipped off to a week long job in a neighboring state! Most of their jobs were closer and you came home each night, but no, not my first job with them. No, it just had to be many miles away! And good thing it was, because my second day on the job, when I woke up, I never knew how many places I could hurt! I was tired, sore, and facing four more 12 hour days? Are you kidding me?

But these were friends of mine. Three of us had just graduated High School and signed on at the same time, and I had other friends here too. Was I going to embarrass myself in front of them? I was afraid I might have to. I was afraid I might break! But a warrior’s fire rose up somewhere in my belly, and this 140 pound skinny guy decided to fight, even if it killed me, but it did not, it made me stronger. That set the course for the rest of my life.

I learned construction skills and have saved a lot of money fixing my own house. I eventually did four years in the Army, and excelled while there, because the Army’s Boot Camp ( Basic Training) was just as hard, but no harder than, what I had already been doing for two years! I did two summers and two winters on that crew. I have been a warrior born out of the fire ever since. And like Caleb said, I still have a mountain calling to me, and I’m ready to test the strength God has given to the climb!

In a time when the Church has compromised with the world and is sliding more and more into Laodicea, God is calling his Samuel’s to offer a different priesthood from the Eli’s of this world. Samuel is yet a young boy growing, but he is in the temple and gaining strength. He will become the spiritual warrior for the last days he is called to. I do not want to fail or miss whatever may be my part in this mountain!

So… a warrior sits under the Willow Tree, and if you identify with this site, then you know the fire in the belly I speak of. We welcome all warriors to this site, and those in training, to the shade of this willow.

It is a weeping willow. We must be aware of the pain in others if we are to fight any battles. You cannot be the young lady dumping her work on the others around her, and does not seem to care. She collects her paycheck every week, and has no concern she has not earned it. If this is our way, then it is not the Way of Jesus, for he was always aware of the suffering and needs of others, and he entered those battles in our defense! Now we can have His strength to enter such battles too.

I will be sharing more of the mountain we are climbing with God. The things I did while working full time and raising five children, seem like some other life to me now. That was then and this is now. That was one mountain and this is another. But we build a spiritual retreat and a House Church. We offer teaching, by way of writing and personal teaching. I was limited in what I could do before taking early retirement, but now the flood gates are open and I am full of zeal for the task!

After my 9 Day God quest in the Black Hills of South Dakota, I came home from those mountains and God had me build a mountain of my own, at the spiritual retreat. This mountain was huge to me, as I built it alone in the heat of two summers. It is a teepee, made of wood! (Of all things. LOL.) I also could not have built it without what I learned in the fire of that construction crew, in my youth. Our house, spiritual retreat, ministry, and writings are progressing nicely. Momentum is building. The vision is strong and God’s fire burns in my belly.

I hope you have a mountain of your own that gives you cause to rise each day. If not, then search your heart to find what God put in you. There is a God-given treasure in each of us, but it must be discovered, uncovered, and then put into use. May God bless you on your journey to higher places. Here’s a few pictures of the teepee, my little man-made mountain. It stands forty feet tall, and you can swing on a rope inside it! My kids and Grandkids love it.

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The burden of the White Feather. Do we walk the Path Without End, or are we living the dead end? We must awaken.

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