“A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree” #19

The Sword of Wisdom. (Part One)

Are we back to a day of wisdom verses knowledge? Or has it always been that way? Has wisdom and knowledge always battled each other? The truly wise know how to take knowledge and temper it with wisdom, but sad to say, many are educated beyond their level of wisdom; becoming fools, they live in self-conceited pride. The wise know the dangers of pride, but the foolish do not. Therefore, it is better to have more wisdom than knowledge, rather than knowledge over wisdom.

“So he called together all the chief priests and learned men (scribes) of the people, and anxiously asked them where the Christ was to be born. They replied to him, In Bethlehem of Judea; for so it is written by the prophet:“… (and they could even quote the scripture from memory.)

Have you ever pondered how the religious leaders of that day had all the knowledge, but none of the wisdom? And what of our day, as we see such magnificent works being done in the name of Christ, while our country continues towards the days of Noah? If our salt be real, how does it fail to save a nation? How does it fail to raise up true disciples in the simple ways of Christ?

How is it the wise men could see His star, but the scribes and priests, even the chief priest did not? Could not? Or did, but chose to ignore? What possible explanation could their be? God revealed His star, and His Son, to some simple wise men, but withheld such a wonder from his highly educated priests? And even after Herod suddenly wanted to know more about this Messiah to be born, still they were not alerted to the event they had studied over the centuries? There are none so blind as those caught up in pride and self-conceit.

What was the difference between the Magi and everybody else on the planet? And where do we stand today? Where does the modern church stand today? What is wisdom verses knowledge? The priests knew everything there was to know about the prophecies of the Messiah to come. And although the Magi were wise, they likely did not have near the knowledge of the priests. They did not know what was written concerning the place of his birth, but they had eyes to see His star. Amazing when you think about it. How many educated Christians are failing to see that church history is repeating and we are headed towards another spiritual dark ages.

To quote Matthew Kelly: “Wisdom is not the amassing of knowledge. Wisdom is truth lived.”

We know what real prayer looks like, but do we live it? We know the simple life Jesus taught, but do we live it? We know what it means to be a true disciple, but do we live it? We know wisdom compared to knowledge, but do we live it? We know the call to be a spiritual warrior rather than a pleasure seeking civilian, but do we live it?

Evidently, God chose the wise men over the priests of that day. Those priests studied and spoke of God’s Sword, (the holy scriptures), all day long, and yet, failed to use it! The one true living Sword born into the earth and they failed to worship him or even greet Him! Jesus called them snakes and vipers. Jesus bore the Sword against his own priests? Woe.

Today I see many famous and wealthy preachers making Jesus out to be something he was not, and the foolish flock to them. I see them twisting God’s Word to say things it does not, and refusing to speak certain things it does say. Are these true men of God? But the wise will temper knowledge with wisdom, and realize we must come out from them and raise up the true standard God called us to. Just like those wise men of old, the wise see his star, and perhaps they do not have a Bible University Degree hanging from their wall, but our greater need is the ability to see His star, find the real Jesus, and bow before Him.

It is peaceful under the Willow Tree as we ponder the movements of the oceans and the ways of man. The waves toss and churn, but the deep places still have REST. This puzzle spoke to me as we came in to 2020. It speaks to me even now, like a star no one else seems to see.

Published by Path Without End

The burden of the White Feather. Do we walk the Path Without End, or are we living the dead end? We must awaken.

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