“A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree” #20

The Sword of Wisdom. (Part Two)

Some say earth is hell. But wisdom dictates earth is no more hell, than it is heaven. Perhaps at times we may feel earth is a taste of hell, or a taste of heaven, but that would be as close as it may come. And yet we often hear there is no hell except this life here and now. These people so boldly making such declaration, do they speak wise or foolish? What sword do they wield?

Are you treating planet earth as a stepping stone, or an end all and be all? The wise know it is a stepping stone, but a stepping stone to where, or what?

It is amazing how many people in this world, including some very primitive cultures, have the wisdom to believe there is a God and we are his creation, but they reject the Bible and Jesus. These people speak of many ways of reaching God and being in his good graces. Many of them accomplish good works in the earth, and they are good people, as far as “human goodness” can go. But Jesus warned: “Why do you call me good? There is none good but one, that is, God:…” (Matt. 19:17a)

True wisdom always seems to stand head and shoulders above foolishness. In that one statement Jesus blew away the godless thinking of self-righteousness, because in truth, we know what we are, don’t you? Jesus bore the Sword of Wisdom like none other.

Jesus also said, as it is taught and recorded for history in our Bible, that planet earth, this life, is just a stepping stone and don’t be too attached to it. You don’t stay on a stepping stone. So… where did Jesus say earth was a stepping stone to? Some are quick to say heaven. But Jesus also confirmed this planet can be a stepping stone to hell. In fact, he seemed to indicate more people will step from here to hell, than they will heaven, and perhaps that is because in their foolishness they refuse to admit the wisdom and truth of Matthew 19:17! There is none good but God.

Most people today like the Star Wars movies. Some even love them. I very much enjoy their version of the battle of good against evil and light against darkness. Most people desire to grow in light, not darkness. Few really want to be Darth Vader. Most, when watching these shows will see themself as part of the light, a Jedi Knight. Even Hollywood believe they are of that light. Even in all the lust, greed, pride, money, and power of the typical Hollywood type, they see themselves as the enlightened ones. Pride goes before a fall, and all lies have an expiration date. Only truth is eternal.

Was Jesus of the light, or of darkness? How can Jesus possibly be of the darkness? And yet he said there are none good! Except God! And only God can save us from our bad. Not by works of righteousness that “WE” have done, but by faith and devotion to the finished works of Christ! How does your life compare to the life of Christ? Which do you want to present to God on YOUR judgement day? If you love wisdom you’re really enjoying this article, but if not? Check your light, please.

Only a fool wants to stand before God in their own flawed and filthy righteousness, when they could stand in the grace and mercy of God. Only a fool thinks this planet is the end all and be all of their journey. Our journey is eternal, and earth is just one stepping stone in that journey, albeit, a very important one. For this stepping stone is placed at the most important fork of the river you will ever choose! And you cannot travel both. You must choose one or the other. Wisdom indicates the one less traveled is the better. Jesus indicated it also. The Bible indicates it too.

But most fools love crowds, whether to follow one, or be adored by one. The Sword of Wisdom seeks the truth no matter what. It is impossible to follow true light and reject Christ. You may indeed be a true Jedi Knight, but if you are unfaithful to Christ, you are not of the light.

I may enjoy Star Wars and how it may parallel some truth, but it is still fiction, and a parallel road still misses the true destination, even if it is only by mere inches. The wise understand such truth. The foolish still insist their path will be good enough. God has promised to be the judge of that, not I. I’m only a messenger of what God hath said, here under the Willow Tree.

Please slow down long enough to weigh in the balance the value of your soul, and everything Jesus said about it. Do we so easily write him off as a crack pot? A myth? Just a man? I think not. Wise men and women still seek him. This is our wisdom from the Willow Tree today.

Published by Path Without End

The burden of the White Feather. Do we walk the Path Without End, or are we living the dead end? We must awaken.

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