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“A Warrior sat under a Willow Tree” #22

“Living in my Father’s House”

“Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation:” (Psalms 91:9)

This is a powerhouse scripture. This is a powerhouse concept. This one verse contains the greatest key to how all of the created universe works. I don’t know what few people, (based on my normal numbers), will allow this teacher to teach this powerhouse, but I pray those who do will not only live in it’s superpower, but also teach it to as many others as you can.

Just a few articles ago we did a three part teaching about God’s warrior child, and the power of the warrior child in the Kingdom of God. As God’s child we live in our Father’s House. From there our teaching flowed into the “Sword of Wisdom”. This warrior child bears a Sword. But this Sword of Wisdom knows we are only as powerful as the picture in our head!

How did our personal mental picture get there? Who or what has been our greatest teachers? Did we choose them, or were they forced on us? And of the ones we actually chose, what did we choose? The teachers we choose become as a father to us, and we live in their house!

Think about it. Who inspires you to be like them? Who have you sat at their feet wanting to learn what they know so you can have what they have, or do what they do? Have you not chosen them to be as a father to you? And has not it been proven if we learn the ways of a thing, the laws of a thing, the skills of a thing, we can begin reaping the same things as others who have gone before us? And if we father a new thing, will there not be those who come to us seeking the way of what you have done, asking you to take them under your wing, into your house, and be their mentor? Become a father to them?

Perhaps we want to become a stock market guru making millions of dollars, or create newer and better video games, or learn to live in the woods completely self-sufficient, or be the mechanic who builds a faster car? All of these things are possible, and more, but you must find the right teacher. Whether you can learn it from books and videos teachers have made, or you seek one-on-one mentoring, they become a type of father to you. You want to be like them, and then even surpass them if you can, but you will never forget the ones who taught you how.

This is step one of understanding this scripture. Consider those who have been a father to you, a teacher, because the picture in your head was painted by them, and maybe we’re happy with the picture we’re working with, but what if we’re not? Or what if we want a bigger picture? How do we go about changing that picture? If you don’t like how your fathers ended up, then how do you get away from their pictures, their house?

The verse we are currently looking at offers a beautiful picture, and God is the Father of it. To put it simple, these fathers who were forced on us, and those we chose, taught us “habits”, and those habits become our “habitat”…habitation. Our habits become the house we live in.

We live in our father’s house whether we love it, or hate it. We are not designed to live homeless, so if we don’t like our house then we need to break away from those fathers, and find new ones, better ones, learn their habits, and create that habitation for ourself. It’s how this universe is designed to work. Our Father which art in heaven designed it this way. Who will be our teacher, or father, to master the design?

The more correct the picture is in our head, the better we will live. If you’re trying to build a super hot rod, and you find a really good teacher, you have a really good chance of being one of the fastest cars on the street. However, if your knowledge of how to make a fast car is inferior, or incorrect, then expect to lose a lot of races to those whose father is a more gifted mechanic. In other words, whatever house you desire to live in, that house will have what’s known as “The House Rules”. And the better those rules (habits), and the better we learn them (habits), then the better we live in our father’s house, whatever the house you’ve chosen is.

Here’s the beauty and superpower of this concept, it’s so simple! 1.) Find the right teacher. 2.) Make him a father to you. 3.) Learn his habits (House Rules), how he does what he does. 4.) Live in those same House Rules (habits). 5.) Your habits will grow into your habitation, i.e. your life, i.e. your house. YOU HAVE CHANGED YOUR LIFE BY CHOOSING A DIFFERENT FATHER TEACHING DIFFERENT LIFESTYLE HABITS. HABIT BECOMES HABITATION. WE BECOME LIKE OUR CHOSEN FATHER.


Look around at all life has to offer, which includes those things Jesus described to us and the Bible declares to be true. But only you can choose the house you enter. There are teachers to open any door you choose. They love to teach. It’s what they do. They will welcome you with open arms, but some also love money. You need money to get certain teachers. Is this what you choose? Maybe it is. But I highly recommend you seek a “calling”, that which calls to your soul, rather than your flesh. This is the Sword of Wisdom, and would be of God’s House Rules.

Your house (life) will look like the teachers you follow. If you had messed up parents who taught you horrible habits, then it is likely your life is messed up too, unless you chose some better teachers to father you. Choose your own parents! Choose better ones! Choose a beautiful house to live in! Turn ashes into beauty! Turn Baca ( a very dry place) into a living stream!

How should we choose the habits we adopt? Examine the house we seek to enter. Is that what you want? Will it satisfy your soul? Does it call to you in a godly way, or the ways of lust, greed, power, and pride? It’s your choice. All the teachers are there, displaying the houses they live in, and what will you choose? Who will be your daddy?

We all adopt fathers. Their perception becomes our perception. Their big picture becomes our big picture. Their habits, their house becomes our house. Choose your father well.

The Bible teaches us the House Rules of our heavenly Father. The prodigal son left his father’s house and squandered his life with pleasure and eventually pigs. He was one of the lucky ones. He eventually found his way back to his true father and entered back in. He finally appreciated the rules that had created such a great house. He wanted to learn those ways, and he did.

How well do our daily “habits” reflect the teachings and disciplines of Christ, the one we follow, the one we have made a Father to us? On a scale of 1-10, and if you’re honest, (one of God’s House Rules), what number would you rate? And if 5 or less, why? Are you living prodigal? Your Sword of Wisdom left at home lying in dust? Do you see the danger of claiming a house, but neglecting the wisdom of its rules? Is this making any sense? May the prodigal learn to love his Father’s House.

This same chapter of Psalms 91 begins with “He who ‘dwells’ in the secret place of the most High shall ‘abide’…” Psalms 91 is all about the power of the warrior child who learns to live in the power of his Father’s House. There is great wisdom in this concept, but it has to become the “big picture” in your head overriding everything else, even fear that may try to attack when bad things happen. You have to literally see yourself constantly in your Father’s House just like a child so perfectly lives in the world he constantly creates.

This is simplicity. Love God with all your heart. Love others as yourself. Live in your Father’s House. He that dwells in the secret place…

This is enough under the Willow Tree today. I hope to write more about the picture in our head soon. If we always see ourself living in God’s House, and our “habits” are in harmony with His House, then we will see “thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth (in me), as it is in heaven. Heaven becomes our house, and we bring a taste of heaven to earth for others to see. That great House is the city upon a hill that this lost world always needs to see.


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The burden of the White Feather. Do we walk the Path Without End, or are we living the dead end? We must awaken.

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