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“A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree” #24

“Doing the next right thing.”

Sometimes you pay a price for doing the next right thing. Have we been attacked? Maybe. Have we been hurt? Yes. But the fight is not over and we’re still on our feet. And what shall be our fighting style? What are you personally trained in? Each of us are in for some kind of a fight to survive and thrive over this attack, and the path back may be a long one. For those lacking spiritual stamina, this will be unbearable. The spirits of some will break and never be the same. But which are we? What are we made of? Who’s your daddy?

Have we been attacked? Why? If there is a bully on the playground, and nobody stands up to them, we all know where that story goes. Certain countries believe they don’t have to play by the rules. Maybe we put up with it way too long. Maybe we finally stood up to them. Maybe we made them mad. Maybe they only know how to react to things by being a bully. And yes, you stand up to the bully and you might get attacked, but someone has to do it. Even if a price is paid.

So now we’re in a fight, and if you don’t know how to fight, this is a good time to learn. You can choose to live as the victim in this life, or decide to have a fighting spirit, otherwise known as the Warrior. But what type of Warrior? There are many ways to fight, and some so much better than others. Some ways will make your heart feel so good, while other ways can leave you simply hollow and dead inside.

Who will be your father in the fighting style you choose? Lesson #22 is critical to understanding what I’m speaking of here. So if you have not read it, please do. But as far as this site is concerned, our fight is spirit first, and flesh last. I would even go as far as to list it this way: Spirit, mental. emotional, flesh. Your list might be different, depending on who your daddy is.

So having read and applied lesson #22, we continue. I teach what I have chosen, or otherwise, why would I choose it? Did you know it is possible to get a very powerful punch by relaxing your strike to the very end? This punch actually works on the same principal of a whip! And why would I start with such a point as this in teaching a spiritual fighting style? Understanding that, my friend, brings great wisdom.

First of all, the greatest warriors remain calm under pressure. We do not panic. We do not react without thought and purpose. We stay in something the Bible calls faith. Faith is a state of peace and rest that also has action. Powerful action. Even supernatural action, because of our Father’s House!

The spiritual warrior is always asking, “What is the next right thing?” What we consider to be the next right thing and how we go about seeking it, has a lot to do with who our daddy is, and what fighting style our daddy has taught us. My daddy has taught me overcoming evil with good is VERY powerful!

We’re still early in this Corona virus and financial fight. It’s a one/two punch and we definitely have not seen the worse of this yet. Our leaders are doing the best they can to lesson the blows currently raining down upon us, so that once this attacker begins fading, we come back stronger than ever. But we’re not there yet. The blows are still building. The attacker still strong. The Corona wave still rolling our way, and the financial black hole still growing bigger. Will you panic? Get depressed? Become part of the problem, rather than the solution? Or rise up as a hero of faith? Everything is a test, you know.

So…this site has already been a place we talk about fighting spirit and what it means to be a spiritual warrior. We we’re ahead of the curve on this one, and we shall continue to be so. This subject will be our topic for as long as it takes. When you come here we will speak of being the hunter, and not the prey, because our disciples know how to truly pray, and wage what I call the “Fight of No Fight”. In other words, how can you unleash real power and force, and yet at the same time be in a state of REST, which flows in FAITH.

FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD! This REST is not inaction. It’s a peace of mind and soul that brings a flow in all you do. No panic. No fear. No anger. But we set our face like a flint to do the next right thing. And as we do that, in a God-fearing and God-loving way, this attack will come full circle, even to work to our good and the remorse of our attacker. How long will that take? The person of faith does not worry about that for they know they have all eternity, if need be.

Thanks for visiting my Willow Tree and we are determined to be a place people can come and get what they need spiritually in the midst of this very difficult time. We will speak more of the “Fight of No Fight”. We have only begun to fight, and we want to fight in the right way. The next right thing. Amen. (More coming soon.)


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The burden of the White Feather. Do we walk the Path Without End, or are we living the dead end? We must awaken.

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