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"Our Father's House" #1

“Calling all prodigals back to our Father’s House.”

There is power in the House. How exactly does this “Spirit thing”, “faith thing”, “Jesus thing” work? It works as a paradox. It defies logic and natural law. It is based in supernatural laws connected to the House of God. If you cannot suspend your human logic to live in a paradox like a child, you will struggle. You might even fall away.

For example, it is not logical that giving your money away actually increases your true value, but that value is measured by God’s standard, not ours. It comes in many forms. It might not be earthly money and material goods, but eternal worth. Can you live with that? If not, you may be a prodigal.

This is the upside down Kingdom of God. This is the House we are adopted into. There is great power in the House, but it is a House of paradox. The child rejoices in paradox, but the adult mind struggles, rebels, and rejects.

We continue our child warrior teaching but it’s time for a new title and a new series, even though it is a continuation of the old. I like teaching this warrior child from the perspective of our Father’s House. Every true warrior understands the value of strategic positioning. There is power in the Father’s House.

Obviously this puts the prodigal child in a very vulnerable position. When the Bible speaks of a prodigal, it refers to a person who left home, and usually under bad terms. In other words, he has left the House, our Father’s House, and he is out there where Satan roams seeking whom he may devour. How do you know if you’ve left home? The prodigal ignores House Rules. He wants his freedom.

The prodigal has cast off his childlike ways and left the House to live life as he sees fit. He’s no longer the child. He’s no longer hindered by House Rules. He’s building his own house. Out of the habits he chooses, his habitat, habitation will grow.

He will waken one day to find himself living in the house he built, and the storm comes with no way to avoid. His rafters begin rattling and fear builds. Soon he realizes there is power in his Father’s House, but there is none in his! Is it too late? Sometimes it is, and sometimes not, but if we are to be strong in the Lord and the power of his might, we must live in our Father’s House.

“Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation; there shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.” (Psalms 91: 9-10) Jesus becomes our habitation.

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” (Psalms 91: 1)

As I write this first article on spiritual warfare, the state of Indiana is going into lock down against the threat of COVID 19. We are being told to stay in our homes! If at all possible do not go out! For your own safety and well-being, stay in your homes! You have power in your house, but so much more in the House of God!

We must realize in spiritual warfare strategic position is of utmost importance! If you have no fortress, you seek the high ground over your enemy, but in our case we have a mighty fortress, our Father’s House! God welcomes all his children into his House, but are you too proud? Jesus said unless we humble ourself as a child, we will in no way enter the Kingdom of God. Many will see my teaching as too simplistic. They do not believe the power in it, nor do they embrace the humility of a child.

I’m 64 and recently went in for a Heart Scan because I have such a history of heart disease in my family. My dad at 67. (Double by-pass.) My sister at 62.(Double by-pass.) Both granddads around age 67. (Both died.) Yikes! But I went to that test in the peace of my Father’s House. You got to understand the value of this faith perspective. I told my wife, no matter what the test shows, we still REST in the confidence of our Father’s House. Amazingly enough, it was God’s will that my wife and I have no indication of heart disease, but even if I had, my Father’s House would not have been shaken! And I would mount my “Fight of No Fight”, (a surrender), from inside the strong walls of my Father’s House! I only begin to teach this powerful perspective.

We are in a teachable season. Once again man is being reminded just how fragile he is in the grand scheme of things. Some will take note. Most probably will not. But God calls to his children, even to the prodigals, to get back to the eternal safety of His great House! Learn to love His ways, and be your Father’s child.

Here is a word I believe I have seen. This corona virus is merely setting the stage for what comes next. Doors are about to be flung open. A flood is about to issue forth. Even a flood of prosperity, but who will raise a righteous standard against this flood? The love of money is evil, and many will not resist, nor admit to this love. A time of great seduction comes. The prodigals will ask for their money, their wealth, their material goods and earthly pleasures, and leave the Father’s House, rejoicing all the way, not believing the pig pen that is their destiny.

Do not be deceived. Our Father’s House is simple, because it is childlike. Many are running the rat race of big churches and repetitive man-made programs. They are thrilled with the hype of their modern churches, but they have forgotten God’s House Rules. They stray farther and farther away. They are working hard within the great walls of man-made buildings, while they do not realize this is not the Father’s House. What did Jesus do? What did he really do? Was he impressed with large buildings, earthly goods, and man-made programs? Or was he in love with the simple ways of a little child.

I have found, that in my simplicity, even when facing what was likely to be a very bad report, the love of my Father’s House brought me not only great peace, but also great power against the enemy, and all from a position of simple childlike trust and contentment. I teach spiritual warfare by teaching about our Father’s House, and we have only begun to scratch the surface of this great spiritual paradox known as our Father which art in heaven!


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