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“Our Father’s House” #4

Do we forget how fragile is this house of clay? As our dead doubled in a single day?

But our soul, our spirit, is not fragile at all when empowered by God. Thus Jesus taught the lesson of a house built upon sand compared to one built upon ROCK.

The prodigal wanted his stuff “NOW”. I am amazed how many people want their stuff “NOW”. They want God to give them a mansion NOW. Gold in the bank NOW. Impervious to sickness NOW. The best parking space NOW. My best life NOW, but we fail to closely examine a person’s definition of “best life”. Rarely does it bare any resemblance to Jesus or the early church fathers. Or the early church for that matter.

But here we are. One virus has invaded the world and we are all suffering together. We truly have become a global community. If you did not feel it before, you should now. And we are all in this together. The whole world has got to face the after affects of this disease, and what will the new poverty rate be?

How long can you go without a paycheck? How long will the government support us? Do you have a house you desperately need to sell, and now it’s like a cement block tied to your feet, pulling you down? Has your vacation or cruise gone up in flames? Did your plans to retire just get postponed? But all those things aside, how many of us will actually slide into the poverty zone? Millions live only a little above that line on a daily basis, and now, when this is over, where will we be? And I’m not just talking Americans, I’m thinking global.

We’ve all been touched by seeing our global neighbors suffer. We see Italy on the news, and France, Spain, and even New York City. Yes, NYC is almost a foreign country to me. I’ve visited it three times. I saw the twin towers the first visit. I smelled the burning stench that burnt my nostrils 10 days after, on the second visit. And I went up the One World Trade Center and enjoyed the amazing view the third visit. The elevator is like a trip through time. Very cool.

But will we be able to disconnect from this global feeling of neighborhood after this pandemic is over? We’ve truly entered a Mr. Roger’s Global Neighborhood, and it’s not a beautiful day in the neighborhood today. But you can bet man is already planning a scheme for it, whether it be godly or not.

Will it be something like this someday that causes the world to become a one world government? We’re not there yet, I don’t think, but look how easily it could happen.

However, my Father’s House is not of this world and will never be a part of this government. The House Rules of my Father says to wait on your stuff, build up treasures in heaven, but the prodigals want their stuff NOW. And I see a prodigal time coming. Somehow, in spite of all this set-back, a time of prosperity cometh. Prodigals will love it! It will be hard to resist! And they will enjoy their years of loving the money and loving the stuff, until the pig pen cometh. And it comes quickly, not so much in material terms, but a pig pen of the soul!

How shall we rise up out of this growing global mess like a Phoenix? That is the question. Trump wants to be a leader of it. He wants his country to be the one who leads the way, and he just might find a way to do it. He does have his moments. And perhaps many will say this is GOOD! But will it be godly? And how many even have the wisdom to know the difference anymore?

It says the prodigal wasted his money in wild living. In the Avengers movie: “End Game”, I believe Tony Stark gives a quote: “Money never bought a second of time.” A lot of people die from COVID-19 alone, separated from loved ones, because of the contagious nature of this thing. Very sad. Very sad indeed. But I wonder how many of them lay there, making the journey back to the Father’s House before it is too late. Such a sad way to come home, but perhaps the wisest act of their whole life coming right at the end.

Yes, today’s Willow Tree is indeed a weeping willow. I’m already hearing people say they don’t want to hear anymore about this corona virus. Perhaps you’ve already had it, it wasn’t that bad and you’re ready to move on. But for many, ignoring the doubling of our total dead in one day, is not something they can ignore, nor should they. Especially when they say this has not even peaked yet.

This is not a message of doom and gloom. This is a message of caring about others, even globally, and a message to be wise, use wisdom, and realize that not all that glitters is gold. This world needs more than ever for the church to be that city that sits upon a hill shining the eternal light of our Father’s House. What is my assignment from God in that? And what is yours? If you’re in the Father’s House, you will know. Go, and do.


Published by Path Without End

The burden of the White Feather. Do we walk the Path Without End, or are we living the dead end? We must awaken.

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