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"Our Father's House" #1

“Calling all prodigals back to our Father’s House.” There is power in the House. How exactly does this “Spirit thing”, “faith thing”, “Jesus thing” work? It works as a paradox. It defies logic and natural law. It is based in supernatural laws connected to the House of God. If you cannot suspend your human logicContinue reading “"Our Father's House" #1”

“A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree” #8

The fire made her stronger. I’m sorry, but as of yesterday, I discover I have one more story to write relating to “Rey” of Star Wars. I did not plan this, but I wash dishes part time. I work the weekends since I do not want to work a lot of hours, usually 6 hoursContinue reading ““A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree” #8″

“A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree” #5

Rey uses the force, pushing the two swords into the sand, a sacred burial. That’s how I like to think of it anyway, because the Light Sabers of Luke and Leia had been a strong and faithful force against the dark side to the very end, and proved themselves…Swords of Significance. She would have treatedContinue reading ““A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree” #5″

“I’m too simple.”

There are many things I could share about this first Black RAM Adventure, but it was a learning experience revealing to me just what an oddball I am. I headed to southern Indiana. I was on way to O’Bannon Woods State Park. My 1990 Black Ram Truck was fully loaded and prepared to be myContinue reading ““I’m too simple.””

The “Covering”.

So we never stop to think about how much we seek “coverings” in our daily life. We want a nice house to live in. That’s a covering, and we spend hundreds of thousands to have it. (Some do anyway.) The car we are so grateful to climb into and turn on the AC, drive downContinue reading “The “Covering”.”