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The “Covering”.

So we never stop to think about how much we seek “coverings” in our daily life. We want a nice house to live in. That’s a covering, and we spend hundreds of thousands to have it. (Some do anyway.) The car we are so grateful to climb into and turn on the AC, drive down the road in comfort, with our favorite music playing. That’s a covering; and again, we spend thousands to have it.

If we want to travel, we seek coverings. Perhaps an RV, pop-up tent, hotel rooms, sleep in our car if we have to, but we seek a covering and will spend money to have it. Think about why we so naturally do this? And why we’re so willing to spend hard earned money to have it. How long would be the list of “whys” here?

On a battlefield, in the old days they wore armor, to be covered in metal! Protection against steel blades and fast arrows. Today we have our own versions of battlefield equipment, but we still need those coverings. On a football field the athletes wear coverings, and to be without it would be suicide.

On a hot day we seek a shady tree with a breeze, and on a freezing cold day we seek something to block the wind, and perhaps a sunny spot if we can find it. The point is our days are filled with seeking “coverings”, even the clothes we wear, and some are very particular even about that. They will go deep in debt to buy “name brand” if they have to, no common coverings for them.

The homeless are usually struggling for a “covering”; that’s why we call them “homeless”, but even they seek coverings. It may be under a bridge, in a box, or abandoned building, but we all seek coverings! We put a very high priority on this one thing! And what do you think you are going to desire above all else in the next life to come? You’re going to desire a new “COVERING from GOD”. Because your soul just lost the old covering, and now you need a different sort. You WILL need it, and you WILL want it. That’s the simple truth. Think about it.

As we began this subject in previous article: “Poor, Blind, and Naked”; our first scripture was Psalms 105:39a > “The Lord spread a cloud above them as a covering…”. Wasn’t that nice of God? Doesn’t that show how much he cared for them? They would not have even survived without that covering. And what about us? Are we surviving? This physical body is a temporary covering for our soul. God has warned us it is temporary. All of us have an expiration date. We are living in our time to seek that next covering if we expect our survival to continue. God is meant to be our only true Covering. I will abide under the shadow of the Almighty. That’s a promise from God if you are his child.

Truth is, we will continue to exist, our soul is eternal, but we will wish we could die. If we are homeless in the next life, we will wish we could die, but won’t be able to. This is how serious what we do, and the choices we make now, are. I write things such as these because as a teacher of God’s Word I find most people are asleep, not awake. They do not think beyond this life, and that is such a huge mistake. I attempt to wake people up. Most ignore me. Some love me for it. And some hate me for it. Jesus had the same problem and said we would too.

I warned a young man the other day, as we were washing dishes, he said he didn’t know what to believe about God, he was just looking forward to going to college and having parties. I warned him not to think to deeply about that, or you might wake-up. He probably didn’t like me ruining the fun he was so looking forward to, even as a moth will fly into a flame.

I told him there are paths you can go down in life, that lead to a place where life has no meaning, value, or purpose. And you wake up one day with no desire to even get out of bed. All you want to do is put a bullet in your head. The promises of a wasted life full of earthly pleasures is a siren’s call to certain death. Many are dead on the inside long before their earthly covering finally expires. Don’t think too deep about all this, or you might wake up.

However, if you do seek actual “wisdom”, if you are such a person, then life now, and life eternal has much to offer in God. I still remember that day in the back bed of my truck, with my anti-grav chair, good coffee, good book, scenic view, and “shade”. It was awesome. It was great! Until the shade slowly slipped away. The sun and heat gradually moving in. And then…black flies! And all peace and enjoyment was gone. I was motivated to find a new covering, and get back what I was enjoying before!

Eternity will be no different. We will desire a comfort zone. But how is that “Covering” attained? God tells us we either attain it now, before our current covering expires, or we lose it forever. We may not like that fact, but it is what it is, and the wise will heed the call. Many people fail to survive because they fail to adapt. They fail to adapt to the “reality” of their circumstances. They don’t like the facts, so they go into denial rather than deal with what they don’t like, and then when it can be denied no longer, it’s too late. Very sad. But who’s to blame?

This young college bound kid. He knows enough to know better. And I even warned him further. God opened that door for me to speak to him and remind him of the facts. But what will he likely do? Only God knows. I know he still seemed to love his plans more than the eventual outcome they could lead to. I pray he wakes up. After all words are spoken, usually prayer is all we can still do. Prayer, and show God’s love any way we can. Don’t judge. Just be that steady, caring, Word of God. A source of love and truth.

Again, we have barely scratched the surface of this subject. Let me leave you, for now, with this thought and these scriptures. Back in the days of Cowboys and Indians. (Or at least this is what I have seen on TV.) When the Indians attacked, the wagon master would yell, “Circle the wagons! Take cover!”

Every person who has ever been on a battlefield knows what it means to “take cover”, and how grateful you are for that cover, no matter how simple it may be. It could be the stump of a tree, our a ditch in the ground, but you’re thanking God for it at the time.

So I end with this. Israel was being chased by Pharaoh and his army when God did this: “Then the angel of God, who had been leading the people of Israel, moved to the rear of the camp. The pillar of cloud also moved from the front and stood behind them. The cloud settled between the Egyptian and Israelite camps. As darkness fell, the cloud turned to fire, lighting up the night. But the Egyptians and Israelites did not approach each other all night.” (Ex. 14:19-20) God’s Covering.


Poor, Blind, and Naked.

I experienced something very profound the other day, in the most simplest of ways, and I will never forget.

If you’ve read this site you know I have a dream to travel this country on a dime, visiting special places, bike riding, and Fly Fishing recently added, but most of all simply enjoying God, nature, beauty, simplicity, and all from the back of a simple pickup truck. I’m currently washing dishes to earn the money to buy all things necessary to the dream, and I have a long ways to go. ($160.00 currently saved.)

So… I decided to take the truck I already have and do sort of a trial run in a local area. I new some high ground overlooking Eagle Creek Reservoir. A beautiful scenic view of sparkling water and sailboats dancing, while I relaxed from the back of my pickup with a good book, my journal, simple foods, coffee, and my anti-grav chair.

All was going well until the shade I was under slowly moved away and the sun crept in! (As shown above.) What had been a perfect comfort zone very quickly became miserable! And I do mean miserable! For some reason, black flies evidently do not like shade, because I was “bug free” the whole time until I lost my shady covering! And then, black flies! No peace! Miserable! And also sweat! I had to either find another “covering” or this potential Garden of Eden was about to be ruined. Abandon ship!

I did find another spot; a perfect spot that was shaded and covered the whole day, and still had a beautiful soul inspiring view of sailboats dancing on water. I spent my whole day there, went for a hike on trails, and rode my bike. I was never bored at all. I didn’t even want to leave when I finally had to, because they close the area at dusk. Here’s some pictures of the new spot, and even one from out of the tree I climbed into.

Ahhhh, such a day it was. But what is the lesson here?

That day could have been ruined for me. And what was the one difference? A “Covering”. That covering made all the difference between something I was immensely enjoying and wanted to continue, and something I would have just as soon been shot in the head and put out of my misery! (Well, maybe not that drastic. But you know what I mean.)

So that led to me thinking about the “Covering of God”. Do I need it? Do I think about it? Do I maintain a proper relationship with God to even have one? The church of Laodicea thought they needed nothing, but Jesus said they were actually uncovered! Poor, wretched, blind, and NAKED!

Just how important is a covering? They say if you ever find yourself lost in a wilderness, one of the first things you want to do is build a shelter. One of the first! It’s that important to your survival. But what about spiritual survival? Laodicea was about to be spit out of the Lord’s mouth! Spiritual suicide!

When I started this site I named it “Sitting Under the Willow Tree”. I was so swept away that day when I discovered this special place, and a shady covering to enjoy. Understanding “Covering” is a very important topic in God’s Word. Evidently, in the life to come, if we show up uncovered, we will end up miserable! Consider this verse of God’s Word:

“The Lord spread a cloud above them as a covering…” (Pslams 105:39a)

I had another experience a few days later. I was in a different place, but this time I ended up under an Evergreen tree. It was the same message and same result. I was transformed from misery to comfort zone. The above scripture has to do with the Children of Israel while they were crossing the hot desert to the Promised Land. God provided them shade! A covering! As long as they moved with the cloud and stayed under its covering.

I wonder how important that covering was to them and their survival? I wonder if they paid attention to the moving of the cloud? I wonder if God had any trouble getting them to move with Him, as he does us today? They were a rebellious people who made many mistakes, but we love our comfort, don’t we? And do not think God does not still do the same today, only now “we” are Israel.

Maybe your miserable and don’t know why? Maybe you’re comfortable on the outside, but not on the inside. Caught in the rat race, burning out, no peace, life complicated and chaotic, juggling too many balls. Chasing too many illusions that never fulfill. God has a cloud. God has a covering. It moves with Him. Under the shadow of the Almighty, a secret place.

After God hit me the second time with this, at the evergreen, I began to realize how many trees were involved at important places of my life. My house sits under a huge sycamore tree that provides delicious relief from the heat all summer long. My teepee sits under a huge tree, too! And recently God added this blog site to me, all because of a willow tree. And then there is the Evergreen tree. I will end this article with a few pictures showing what I mean, but this subject is not done. As I said, God’s Word has a lot to say about God’s Covering, and we don’t want to live, or die, without it! This message is to be continued. Sitting under the willow tree is a metaphor for so much more than just a shady spot on a hot day.

Red Pony throws a shoe.

The flat tires of life.

Red Pony not well. Grandpa White Feather headed out on faithful horse for a pleasant ride to rent movie. 35 minutes later we arrive at Family Video and all is well, I thought. Red Pony is not one to complain.

However, I’m less than half way home when I notice faithful horse riding odd. The rear end felt unsteady. I glance down and the tire is obviously half flat, and on way to full flat!

I stop Red Pony and check the hoof. It’s bad. Horse throwing shoe. But to make matters worse, if I walk the rest of the trip, it will take a good hour, and then that puts me way late on starting the movie and late getting to bed. Not something I really wanted. So I decided to hop on and ride fast!

“Ride like the wind, Red Pony!”

At almost 64 I really enjoy riding the bike in an easy going manner. I simply don’t push it anymore. But now I was standing on the peddles and completely avoiding the seat, because it put more weight on rear tire. I was leaning forward and throwing as much weight on the front as possible. I would peddle very hard and fast and then coast a bit, then peddle hard and fast again. Repeat, repeat. Before long my upper legs felt like wet spaghetti, my heart was pounding hard, and my lungs stretching as I gasped for air. Oh how the flat tires of life challenge us.

It turned out to be a great workout. I made it home and enjoyed the movie, but my legs felt lifeless the next day and my energy level was low. I blamed Red Pony and told him never do that again.

But we are enjoying our local bike rides as we dream about riding in places I never been. My Adventure Savings was up to $135.00, but Red Pony needed a few things and $65 later, it had shrunk to $70. But my dish washing check comes in soon and we hope to climb again. We have a long ways to go. It’s all part of the fun.

Every dream has its challenges or it wouldn’t be a dream, because you likely would have already done it. I hear people speak of the benefits of the “Attitude of Gratitude”, and that is so true. And I like my gratitude to have a direction. Perhaps it is a person I need to appreciate, but in every case there is also GOD.

As I got home that day, I had to thank God I could still ride like the wind and enjoy it. I recovered quickly and felt fine after a day of rest. Some people don’t believe in God. Others simply forget to thank Him for all his blessings. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say. We take Him granted as we rush through our hectic days of pursuing our goals. Perhaps taking a moment right now, to appreciate the Giver of Life might be a good practice of gratitude.

I hope all our goals have true meaning. In my simple ways, I feel I live in a world full of people who have a lot of passion and purpose, but many times their passion and purpose is directed towards meaningless things. This is very sad. They are destined to realize one day, they have poured so much time, energy, desire, and money into things that leave them empty. I encourage one and all to consult God for advice in the choosing of your treasures. Believe you are more than flesh and blood, but also spirit and soul, and there is a God in heaven who longs to know and spend time with His children. Amen.

“Grandpa White Feather and Red Pony”

I took early retirement at 62 because I had a dream. I had a dream in me that was not yet defined, but I knew it was there and it could not be pursued while working 40-60 hours a week. One step at a time the dream has taken shape in my heart and I am now in full pursuit.

It started with wanting to find the “simplicity of Christ” and his church. I was no longer satisfied with what I call modern church, nor the form of Jesus they preach. But now the dream has led to an “old age” adventure of truck camping across our country and riding my bike in many places while visiting Salt churches. All this financed by washing dishes.

I know that may sound a bit confusing when listed in such basic form, but believe me, it’s all connected and all makes sense when you know the details.

I got the name “Grandpa White Feather” because the first thing I did was make a trip to the Black Hills to seek God about leaving the modern church. I was raised in church and had been a part of it for over 60 years! Even ordained! And now I was disgusted with its modern worldly ways, and just wanted out! But to what?

After our 9 days in the Black Hills, in which God spoke to my wife and I in incredible ways, we came back to Indiana and I started building a huge teepee out at my mom and dad’s small farm. I built it mostly by myself. Ages 61-62. And I have 8 grandchildren who all came to the teepee. One thing led to another and we started giving names, myself included, that sounded like Indian names. I became Grandpa White Feather to my grandkids.

My early journey is given in much more detail on my first blog site, I consider my two blogs like two books. They are volumes one and two. The first blog will remain my site for the “deeper teachings” of what I have learned. We go into great detail on that site. This site, “Sitting Under the Willow Tree”, is meant to be kept more light-hearted, and the pursuit of a dream.

We are in full pursuit. As mentioned in previous article, I am now a professional dishwasher. Finding a source of income to finance the dream was a big step towards the ultimate goal. I’m only working 18-20 hours per week, but it is high speed and high intensity! My wife, who has worked there for years, tells me the next closest in age, in the dish room, is in his 40’s. That also makes me Grandpa of the dish room. LOL.

So this story will unfold little by little like a good theatrical play. Will the old man succeed in chasing his dream? Will he find an old truck he can afford, fix it up for camping, take off across this country, ride his bike in many places, and visit Salt churches before old age catches him and he can no longer do such things? Will an unknown health problem suddenly pop up, as it did with my younger sister just recently, leading to double by-pass surgery. So many things could go wrong, but what will happen? Will God grant this prayer, this dream, to this old man?

These are all part of the drama, mystery, and challenge; but today I want to officially introduce you to my bike, the one I hope to ride many places. I call my bike “Red Pony”. So for the sake of these articles I have given it the title of “Grandpa White Feather and Red Pony”.

Now there is also a black dog who will go with me, too. Her name is “Shadow”. She is 100 pounds of black Lab, and very little fat on her. She’s the most loyal dog I ever had. So let me show you some pictures of my bike, which of course I refer to as my pony. It just makes more interesting reading for the grandkids, you know. (And honestly, for me too.) And also my house and dog are in these pictures, and the willow tree!

Our house is very basic. 1400 sq. ft., one bathroom, and in need of much remodeling, but its been a great home and successfully raised five children. In the third picture you can actually see my wife’s little white pomeranian. She is a little too “yappy” for me, and will only go with us when my wife also goes.

Red Pony is a Murray Mountain Bike my wife found at Goodwill and bought for $11.00! Can you believe it? I have no idea how old it might be, but it’s in great shape! So far God has given me very strong green lights on this path I have been pursuing. I mentioned to my wife I was going to go looking at pawn shops for a bike. I figured 40 dollars or so. Like within that same week she stumbled onto Red Pony! It was on sale! She surprised me and I loved it from the moment I climbed on and rolled down the road!

Also, when I mentioned to her I wanted to pick up a part time job as a dishwasher… BAM!!! I had one so quick my head was spinning! So if God has a purpose in this as I believe he does, then this is going to be a great show! Especially for people of faith who wonder where the simplicity of Christ has gone? How do I find it again? How has church become such big business while preaching about the very unmaterialistic Jesus? These are questions we should all be asking, because an anti-Christ is coming, and indeed, his spirit has always been here, and warped disciples are ill-equipped for his devices.

So this article is simply a beginning introduction to “The Dream”. Much more details will be coming as to the teepee, the truck, Shadow, Red Pony, dishwashing and financing a dream. All of it unfolding stories to come.

In the meantime, the wind still blows under the willow tree. As always, thanks for visiting. And if you’re curious about Volume One of this site, simply click on this link: There is a lot there!

“Traveling America on a Dime”

Traveling America on a dime is not for the faint of heart, but it is in my heart to do. I spoke of my Master Plan in the August 12 article. As you might recall, becoming a professional dishwasher was part of the plan. I have succeeded! Here is a picture of me just getting started and already about to get in trouble because I forgot the hairnet.

Dish washing is a chaotic world of clacking plates, splashing hot water, steamy room, left over food, and a fast pace maintained for hours. I just had my first 6 hour day today, and I am tired, but already my piggy bank for cheap travel has begun to grow! Little by little this part time income is going to finance my adventure. But the Master Plan has several steps involved. In the August 13 article we showed the junk minivan being towed away for scrap. Collect $150.00.

Along with washing lots of dishes, the next step is a 1996 Honda Civic that needs a new radiator. I fix the car with some of the scrap van money and sell. The goal is to eventually buy a basic truck, no frills, full size bed, and 6 cylinder for better gas millage. I’m afraid as much as I love my old 1990 Dodge Ram, the gas millage would be a killer for travel. This truck also will need to be sold. Meanwhile the dish washing money continues adding up.

When I get my new “old” truck, I have a creative out-of-the-box idea for how I want to fix up the back for travel and camping. All these things are part of my Master Plan. I look forward to riding my bicycle in many places of this great country I have not seen. But as for today, I’m afraid my visions of travel and bike riding was just a distant dream as I was stuck in the chaotic reality of mountains of dirty dishes, pots, and pans. My hands looked like prunes!

I remember the sound of concern in the manager’s voice when after a couple days of training, he came up to me all serious, and inquired how I was feeling? “Is this too much for you?” he asked. “How you feeling?” For a second I thought he might take my temperature and check my pulse. But I’m only doing three 6 hour days, during their busiest hours of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I have 4 days to recover every week. So I assured him I was doing fine. He then told me they were very happy with my work and I had the job!

As to the manager’s concern. At almost 64, I’m the oldest guy in there by a long shot. The young person training me, vouched for my ability to do the job after two days of observation. I began to realize there had been real concern if I might be too slow, or simply drop dead. But I have surprised them all, even my wife who told me flat out, I wouldn’t last two weeks! My, my. So little confidence. I must admit she had me plenty scared going in.

So this article is simply a progress report on my Master Plan to travel America on a dime. I now have $135.00 in the piggy, to be used as needed for all preparations, but at some point the money has to not be spent, but be saved for the actual traveling.

Our previous 2 articles about funeral expenses on the cheap, should give you some idea that I’m very serious when I say that money has never been a motivating factor for me. I love finding simple ways of enjoying life without it costing me my arm and leg. I still have all four.

Needless to say, I’d rather be sitting under the willow tree than hashing it out with hot dishes. Hash browns are a popular item. But I have a dream! And that dream motivates me to work my Master Plan in my simple way, and hopefully, eventually, this site will contain stories and pictures of places more scenic than a dish washing room. Until then, dream on fellow dreamers! And good luck with your Master Plans.

Throw my ashes in a river…

I know you long to keep me, but I’m no longer here. Throw my ashes in a river and watch them disappear.

In your heart only may I stay, until all memory fades and no one is left who knows.

The River Time flows on; and we all must go.

But I wait for you on the other side. Love never fails.

After all my pondering of the “final expenses situation”, as began in previous article, here were the main issues I was trying to solve. 1.) How to keep my final expenses as inexpensive as possible. 2.) Find a place that will always be there. 3.) Send a final message true to what my life has been. I suddenly realized it had to be a river! The only question left was what river? And where on the river?

A river makes the statement I want to make. I’m here, but I’m also not. You got to let go, and have peace about it. A force has carried me away, but that same force can reunite us some day. It’s actually a beautiful force, like this beautiful river I spent so much time at when I was here. And this place is full of life, full of people living and enjoying their health and the great outdoors! It’s not a grave yard full of dead men’s bones! It’s green and blue and flowing and alive! This is the resting place I choose!

Oddly enough, with my nick-name of Grandpa White Feather, the name of this river is White River. Can you believe it? It flows through the heart of Indianapolis where I have lived most of my married life. It’s a beautiful place where people gather to get a breath of fresh air on a busy day. They walk, run, bike, have a picnic, read a book, and simply relax! I myself have done all of the above there many times. We even use to watch the downtown fireworks from there. It has several beautiful spots and flows to many places I have enjoyed. One branch of it even flows from a spot close to my house and where we baptized several teenagers many years ago. Special, special, special! This river is definitely a part of me, and my wife. This is where we have lived our lives together.

Throw my ashes in the river and watch them disappear. It’s important for loved ones to know you are gone. In their heart only you may still live. This is an important statement to make. A river, or thrown from a high place into the wind. It is a true picture. I’ve always been a seeker of truth and reality. Imagination is great and I love it, but it must also be balanced with what is true and real.

So as I searched the area the other day, on foot, with a close friend, I knew this place was perfect. I want a person or two, to take the ashes of my wife and I, (assuming she agrees with this. We have always talked of having our ashes released together. Whoever goes first is kept in the urn until the other also passes.) But our ashes need to be poured from the center of the bridge in above picture. There is a very nice sitting area for the family to gather and watch, and from there the river flows to all the spots I have mentioned. It will carry our ashes to those places, even as we slowly settle to the river bottom and become a part of that place forever. If the kids, or anyone, ever wants to come to a quiet and peaceful place to remember me? This is what I choose for them. Here’s some pictures.

The last picture actually looks back where the bridge is that the ashes would be poured from. From there it flows past the sitting area on the left side of river, and onto the area with the man-made water falls, and much more. I don’t have pictures of the many trees, much shade, and setting areas. Also the downtown canal, the zoo, so many wonderful things. I am very pleased with this place, and it will cost us nothing.

All of us have a tendency to let society, peer pressure, advertising, whatever’s “in”; we tend to let a herd mentality program us, so we don’t think outside that box. Advertisers spend big money hoping to get you thinking inside their little box. Professional salesmen persuade us to become the slave of their little box. Funeral homes hope you will not want a cheap way of passing on. It’s only cheap in terms of money. It’s actual total effect I believe is very high value and sends a much greater message. Thank God cremation is an option, or what would poor people do?

When I sit under the Willow Tree, I like to think “big picture”, not small. Most people have tunnel vision. They see a tree and ignore the forest. Wisdom always sees big picture. Wisdom is visionary. Wisdom takes time to slow down, sit under the willow tree, and look long. How far can you see? What is coming? What is truly important? Is it a single tree, or the forest? Satan loves to get us fixated on a single tree, just as he did Adam and Eve. Eve was fixated on the tree, and I believe Adam was fixated on Eve. Some things never change. LOL.

I’m afraid the modern church system has done the same thing, become full of “programs”. And guess who the “programmed” are? You and I. Unless we look at what Jesus actually did, what the early church actually did, and what our New Covenant in Christ actually says. Then we begin to see outside our modern church ways.

Hope you take some time to ponder these things. I hope you find your own willow tree to enjoy and hear the wisdom. Until the next time, godliness with contentment is still great gain! Be a visionary. Look long.

Final Resting Place

Once again I was surprised at how the challenge of trying to “spend less” on one of life’s necessities actually resulted in a surprising reward. As I have been very clear about, money has never been one of my motivators. Therefore, I don’t have much of it laying around for when a necessity suddenly pops up, and this world is full of people who like to take advantage when your down. They see your need as their chance to gain “money”, as much as possible. For the love of money.

I live in a world motivated by money, and I do not fit. I’m upside down to this world, and so was Jesus, the one I follow, the Upside Down Kingdom. So my wife and I decided a long time ago to choose cremation over an expensive funeral service complete with everything that entails, along with a bill of thousands of dollars. I simply don’t need it, and neither do my loved ones left behind.

However, one night I realized, even though my body is ashes in a bottle/urn, there still needs to be some kind of a simple service giving people some closure , as they say. Then I realized too, no one in my family has a house big enough for that kind of thing. Once again, renting even a simple building is very expensive! And since I left the modern church with all its bells and whistles, I don’t have that option either. Should I run back to the modern church? No thanks. That would not be true to what I have seen.

Also, people need a place to go and feel close, after you’re gone, even though you’re not really there, but we are like that. I had a close friend who died at age 30 of cancer. Even though I’ve only visited his grave site a few times over the many years, it still meant a lot to me, and grave sites are also expensive! Money, money, money! Can I think outside the box and find a better answer? Because my ashes setting in a jar on a shelf is not the message I want to send either. The way we choose to be put away really is our chance to send a final message. Sending a message is ALWAYS important. And it should be true to who we are.

Think about your own plans for that final necessity. Does it really send the message you want? Is it true to who you have been all your life? Will it affect your loved ones the way you really want it to? Will it be all about you? Or them?

So I lay awake pondering this problem and found some wonderful options that for me, at least, send a much better message than people remarking about how real I look, (or not), as my worn out body lays in a fancy casket.

Evidently Jesus didn’t put much stock in worrying about a tomb either. I can’t see he ever bought very costly items. Yes, he knew he was going to die. He also knew someone was going to give him a grave site, and he would be giving it back. But the point is, had someone not provided him one out of the generosity of their heart, he had made no provision for his death.

Solving the “building” issue turned out to be pretty simple. Parks are still relatively free. I’ve been an outdoor nature guy all my life anyway. And I don’t care for big fancy costly church buildings, either. So that would be untrue to me. Not a message I want to send.

But what if I die in the winter? No problem. My wife and I both agreed, we are ashes in a bottle. We’ll keep. No reason why the immediate family can’t have a private gathering in a home, then put us on a shelf until spring, then have the public service in a park. Very easy and inexpensive funeral service which actually sends a message of resurrection and life, instead of death and defeat.

Now for the grave site. I really liked this one, too. It needs to be a place that will always be there. And again, what message do you want to send? I considered Shades Park for my ashes to be spread, because it had always been a place I enjoyed, and my children all know it; but then an even better answer came. In order to send the best message I could think of, my ashes NEEDED to be thrown into a river, and at a special place. That will be fully explained in next episode.

I know you want to keep me with you, but I’m no longer here. Throw my ashes in a river and watch them disappear.

More to come.

“Nature of Man”

Change your nature o’man who thinks there is no God. Defeat death and live forever o’man who says there is no God. If man has progressed as you say, and no longer needs a saving grace, and has no soul within, then we’ve not progressed at all! But have become soulless creatures having no Father, or Creator; and no hope of greater things. Signed Grandpa White Feather.

I love fantasy and imagination as much as anyone, but when man would rather sit for days in a seat of virtual reality rather than the truth of the willow tree? When he is afraid of silence because of the voices he hears warning him of a wasted life?

This site is for those who still believe in spirit and soul; things invisible, things eternal, and an Upside Down Kingdom. And we do not neglect, but we seek those things, because we realize the nature of man, including my own, has not progressed one iota, and until it does, God’s not dead!

“That Inner Tug-of-War”

Here again is the treasure I found hidden secretly away behind a bunch of shopping centers and congested streets. A real Garden of Eden, marked by a beautiful weeping willow tree.

When I stumbled upon this place that day, it almost took my breath away. It was as if that graceful tree was saying, “Welcome home, pilgrim. You found me. Enter into my ways. Learn my wisdom and enjoy my Kingdom of peace.”

What does it take for our inner man to become such a peaceful place? If you were honest with yourself, how many ropes of inner conflict pull at you every day?

Most people I know have an inner tug-of-war going on most of the time. They don’t like where they are, either spiritually or physically. They don’t have what they want. They do not have what the Bible calls true contentment… inner peace. This blog site is about every one of us finding our willow tree and taking a seat, breathing in that wisdom, and finding soul satisfaction. There is a different way of living. It’s out there, and it is real.

Now the tug-of-war is very telling. The good news is, if you still have that inner battle, there is still hope! If that battle has ceased then it means one of two things. One being very bad, and the other very good. Our goal is for our spirit man to become so strong in Christ that he breaks that rope and ties up the flesh with it! The tug-of-war ceases! Peace at last!

However, the bad news is, if the flesh wins the war and uses the rope, your conscience dies. You may have stopped the inner war, but evil has won, and you’re the slave of darkness. You may enjoy it for as long as it last, all the pleasures of the flesh, but the wages of sin is death, and judgement day comes with eternal regret.

I watched a tug-of-war the other day that reminds me of some people. I even got pictures of it. You see, I have a Master Plan. As I spoke of in the previous article, I want to travel America in my golden years, enjoy bike riding and camping in various places, and visit Salt Churches. The only problem is I don’t have the money to do so yet, so I had to come up with a long range plan involving a few very strategic steps. Here are some of the first steps of the Master Plan.

1.) I have a junk minivan sitting next to my house. It needs to go! And it will bring in 150.00 in salvage price.

2.) Take part of that money and fix the radiator of my broke down 1996 Honda Civic and sell that car.

3.) Then with that cash in hand, along with extra cash earned being a professional dishwasher, I take my 1990 short bed, Dodge Ram and trade or sell to acquire a long bed truck with 6 cylinder. I need the better gas mileage, and the longer bed would help too. I have a very creative plan on how to fix that bed for camping and travel.

The first step went into motion when I got my first dish washing job. My orientation is completed, and my computer work almost done. I’ve earned some money already, but the real job starts in 3 days.

Second step happened just yesterday, the broke-down, beat-up, old minivan! It turned into a real tug-of-war! That thing had really gotten set in its ways! (See pictures below.) It had set for two years or so. The front wheels rolled, but the back wheels would not!

That minivan put up a real fight, but a fight it was destined to lose because the beast on the other end of the rope was much stronger, and highly trained! Those rear tires clawed at the ground the whole way out! But it was to no avail! The man pounded on those rear tires with a sledge hammer! They still did not break loose! The van continued fighting, kicking and screaming the whole way out!

The driver thought the wheels would break loose once they hit pavement, but that is when the screaming started! They did not! Finally, he used the seat belts to tie the steering wheel into a straight position, let the front end down, moved to the rear and lifted. Now all the weight was on the wheels that rolled, and the brave battle was over. My wife almost cried as it rolled away.

Here’s the thing, most people eventually reach a point where either their flesh, or their spirit becomes the much stronger vehicle. The only question is, which will it be? Will our soul be the one kicking and screaming as we’re drug away by our flesh? Or will it be our flesh? When that inner rope breaks, which have we fed to be the stronger? Which have we trained? Which ends up tied helplessly in the rope? One is good, the other bad! Is our spirit man the minivan, or highly skilled tow truck?

I’ve been a researcher and teacher of God’s Word for most my life. I see things like this. I’m semi-retired now and able to spend more time teaching such things. I’m going on a journey of simplicity that is very wholesome for the soul. It is not your typical way of doing church, especially modern church. It does require thinking outside the box, but it is a journey feeding the spirit man, not the flesh.

I teach from under the Willow Tree. I hope you visit here on a regular basis, become part of the family, and if you still have that inner tug-of-war? I pray your spirit grows strong enough here to break all those ropes and tie up that selfish and hungry flesh forever! In Jesus powerful name, Amen.

In one of the pictures you can also see my Dodge truck. I’m still several steps from selling it, and I will miss it, but it simply is not the right vehicle for what I now feel calling in my soul. Next step, besides washing lots of dishes, is get the Honda running and sold! We’ll see how that goes.

And so we begin…

“Sitting under the Willow Tree”

Why would I write this site thinking someone might enjoy it? Let me count the ways.

  1. I’m now almost 64, and a couple years ago I allowed myself to question the status quo of modern church, and actually step out into a simplicity that had always tugged at my heart and probably caused me a lot of trouble over the many years. I allowed myself to believe I might actually be right, and the religious experts might be wrong. I guess it’s something that comes with age. You realize your time is running short and you don’t have time for foolishness anymore.
  2. So I took early retirement at 62, realizing I would still need to work part time, but perhaps with some creativity of simplicity, I could live my golden years in a better way than I had before, and make them truly golden.
  3. First I had to find the answers concerning this modern Jesus the churches are teaching, and the simple Jesus I kept seeing in scripture. I spent over a year studying the early church and the missing 200+ years our preachers don’t seem to want to talk about, from 33 A.D. to 300 A.D.. I found my answers, and believe me, our modern church ways preach a different version of Jesus than in our Bible, creating warped disciples, and a generation ready to fall away, as the Bible predicts, when the Antichrist reveals himself.
  4. I’ve always been a lover of simplicity. My wife and I raised 5 children on a very moderate income because “money” was never a priority with me. I always felt there are other things more important, and now as I am retired, it is even more necessary to find ways of doing things “on the cheap” so to speak. So I want to travel America… on the cheap… enter #5.
  5. I currently own a 1990 short-bed, Dodge Ram truck. I love the truck, but it gets like 15 mpg. I need a different old truck, so I can fix up the back in a way I have imagined for camping. This will be my own creation. So I need to make some money and create this vehicle that will allow me to travel this country “on the cheap”, and while I’m at it, visit “Salt Churches” that are springing up across our land.
  6. So I just hired on as a “dishwasher” at a restaurant, who’s name will remain secret, just in case I may write anything they don’t like. I’m hoping for the best, but I can see the job is very chaotic and they have a high turn-over rate. I just finished orientation and begin actual work this Friday. But if I can handle the chaos, a dishwasher can find a job almost anywhere, anytime. And I don’t need to make a lot. Just enough to care for wife and keep things going, no matter where my truck, dog, and I may be.
  7. In summation: What I call “Simple Church” and a true version of Jesus is very big with me. Most Christians today have 200+ years of missing knowledge concerning the original church, and why is that? It will be talked about here. I’m also a simple man with a simple plan. I’m not driven by the hungers so many are today, but I’m one to sit under the weeping willow tree and listen to the wind. I also have an adventurous soul, and by way of simplicity and creativity, I plan to do some things. The things I do will also promote fellowship in Christ wherever I go. And last: “Old Age”. My simple ways have kept me healthy for 64 years so far. I just had a complete physical and they couldn’t find anything wrong. I’m still med-free at 64. I love riding my bike and I plan to ride it wherever I go. If you want to stay healthy into old age, I might have some wisdom there. Time will continue telling. Heart disease runs big in my family tree, but so far, I’m good.

If you’re tired of what is becoming a more complex and shallow world, including the modern church, then I’m a rebel against that way and you might find Jesus was too. If you’re curious if this old guy is crazy, or might have a point, then all you got to do is visit this site on a regular basis because I love blogging and intend to record it all here. Just pull up a chair under the willow tree and enjoy the view.