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“Our Father’s House” #2

“What is the “Fight of No Fight?” Again, what is a paradox? A seemingly absurd statement that may actually be true. You don’t really expect God to operate within natural law do you? Wouldn’t that be kind of disappointing? I mean, God should be the only one who is able to supersede natural law andContinue reading ““Our Father’s House” #2″

“A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree” #17

“The Warrior is a child.” (Part Three) Conclusion. I started a “Fellowship” so we could have “Simple” church. Childlike church. Where and when did Jesus have church? Best answer? Everywhere he went and all the time. There is a friend meeting me at Cracker Barrel tomorrow, and we will have church. (He doesn’t actually knowContinue reading ““A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree” #17″

“A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree” #15

“The Warrior is a child.” – (Part One). Jesus said> “Truly, I say to you, whoever does not accept and receive and welcome the kingdom of God as a little child (does), shall not in any way enter it (at all).” Luke 18:17 Ampl. Jesus tells us straight out that if we’re above being childlike,Continue reading ““A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree” #15″

“A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree” #6

The edge of the sword may have dulled with age and many battles, but do not discount the temper of such a blade, a Sword of Significance. Her garden was planted in pain. Rey was alone…very alone. She lived for the return of her parents, but they never came. The loss of both parents atContinue reading ““A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree” #6″

“A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree” #2

“He did not make it to the Willow Tree.” I recently had the loss of a friend. He passed away rather suddenly at age 49, much younger than I, much younger than his teacher, but I am the teacher he rejected. There is more to tell about this Willow Tree, and one who made itContinue reading ““A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree” #2″

“I’m too simple.”

There are many things I could share about this first Black RAM Adventure, but it was a learning experience revealing to me just what an oddball I am. I headed to southern Indiana. I was on way to O’Bannon Woods State Park. My 1990 Black Ram Truck was fully loaded and prepared to be myContinue reading ““I’m too simple.””


My dream of traveling on a dime, fishing, writing, exploring, bike riding, connecting with my Grand kids to leave a legacy, and all from the back of an old Dodge Ram, 1990. When the dream came, I had no extra money, no fly fishing set, no bike, and no real strategy. All I had wasContinue reading “Micro-Macro-Meta-Morpho.”

Creating Simple Church

What did Jesus do? He kept it simple. What have we done? We’ve complicated everything. Created a lot of expense and work. And now we have to keep that big machine running. Is that the church Jesus started? Is that the way he lived? When Martha came to Jesus complaining of her sister, Mary, didContinue reading “Creating Simple Church”

Poor, Blind, and Naked.

I experienced something very profound the other day, in the most simplest of ways, and I will never forget. If you’ve read this site you know I have a dream to travel this country on a dime, visiting special places, bike riding, and Fly Fishing recently added, but most of all simply enjoying God, nature,Continue reading “Poor, Blind, and Naked.”