"A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree" #7

Souls are polished here.

Some years ago I saw a documentary about a Samurai Sword Priest. I wish I remember where I saw it, but even though I don’t, the video made such an impression on me that I remember a few special details to this day. One of those being a simple sign a Sword Maker/Priest might hang over his shop: “Souls are polished here.”

Of course, it was in reference to bringing a sword to a highly polished finish, but as I pondered that simple phrase I tried to visualize God working on us! A Samurai believed their soul was in their Sword, one with their Sword, and so it is not hard to imagine such a sign over a simple Sword maker’s shop, but for us followers of Christ, it has even more meaning!

“Souls are polished here.”

In previous articles I gave a very basic overview of what a sword goes through to become a worthy blade, one having great temperance. From its very conception as a raw chunk of steel, plunged into fire over and over, shaping, pounding, cutting, and finally plunged into cold water. This is the creating and tempering process, but yet another very important step must still be completed, that of polishing the blade to a highly polished finish.

They say the difference in ability of an unpolished sword to cut, compared to a properly polished one, is like the difference between night and day! It makes that much difference.

We must remember that a Samurai Swordsmith would labor many days over the creation of a true blade after the old ways. They believed in this process some of the soul of the Sword Priest influenced the Sword. In other words, if you put your blood, sweat, and tears into something, like say a garden, if you labor over something enough, it becomes a reflection of you.

A true sword Priest saw that as a great responsibility, as men went into battle with their very lives depending upon the quality and nature of their blade. They even believed the character of the Sword Maker influenced the blade. Because of this, they were considered holy men living very devout lives, dedicated to their holy craft. They even had special white garments they wore as they crafted their Swords. We all seem to understand holiness is described in white, and Jesus was the lamb without spot or blemish.

In the Star Wars movie, “Attack of the Clones”, Obi-Wan told Luke: “This weapon is your life.” And no truer words could be said of God’s Word, our Bible, the Sword of the Spirit. In this Sword I polish my soul!

Is my Bible a weapon? It’s self described as a Sword. It causes reactions in people unlike any other book I can think of. I have to be careful how I use it. But we do not wrestle against flesh and blood! Satan, and the unseen principalities our Bible exposes, certainly fear this Spirit sword as a powerful weapon against them, if we have trained ourself in the use of it, become one with it.

I chuckle as I’m about to write this. But… I know it should go without saying… but… our Bible tells us to forgive even our enemies… but… please don’t confuse that with our enemy Satan! We don’t have to be nice to him! Take his head off with that blade if you can! And all of his minions too!

A Sword Priest would use several stones in the process of polishing a fine blade. One stone after another slowly and purposely and skillfully and lovingly slid over and over again across the blade, painstakingly bringing to a higher and higher degree of finish. Once one stone had done all it could do, then the next stone, one having a finer grit, would then continue the blades progress towards perfection. Wow. God does all that to us? Or at least tries to?

“You are coming to Christ, who is the living cornerstone of God’s temple. He was rejected by people, but he was chosen by God for great honor. And you are living stones that God is building into his spiritual temple. What’s more, you are his holy priests. Through the mediation of Jesus Christ, you offer spiritual sacrifices that please God. As the scriptures say, I am placing a cornerstone in Jerusalem, chosen for great honor, and anyone who trusts in him will never be disgraced.” (I Peter 2: 4-6)

“And, He is the stone that makes people stumble, the rock that makes them fall. They stumble because they do not obey God’s word, and so they meet the fate that was planned for them. But you are not like that, for you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession.” (I Peter 2: 8-9a)

God’s word has a lot to say about stones and priests. Souls are polished here.

Thank you for sitting a spell under the Willow with me, and allowing God to smooth some of our roughness with his refining stones. I will likely be moving on from Star Wars analogies now, but the Samurai, his sword, and Sword Priests is a constant analogy of mine. I also have more movies I look forward to sharing and pointing out inspiring lessons in those shows. Hopefully, some of these movies will be inspiring for you too.

"A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree" #6

The edge of the sword may have dulled with age and many battles, but do not discount the temper of such a blade, a Sword of Significance.

Her garden was planted in pain.

Rey was alone…very alone. She lived for the return of her parents, but they never came. The loss of both parents at such a young age, and thrown into a lonely existence of poverty and survival as a scavenger in a desert land. Faced with a cruel society that only served itself, dog eat dog, survival of the fittest. Somehow she had survived and grown strong, but she did not yet know just how strong she could become “if”… she began hearing the voice within.

Hers was a garden of pain still clinging to a faint hope of the return of her parents who were already dead, but she did not know. Her world was very small. Her knowledge very small, but she had gifts at work within her. Gifts she also had no knowledge of.

I don’t mean to sound negative here, but we live in a world of pain. Everyone has some kind of pain in their life. Even the rich man suffers. There is no perfect place on the cursed planet earth. And in this garden of pain, people either get stronger and wiser, or wilt away doing nothing of significance because they have given up, just trying to get by.

We pass people every day and ask, “How you doing?” But do we really expect them to tell us? Do we share our pain when asked?

But people do tell in ways they hope someone will see, but few ever do. We open up here and there. We drop hints. Sometimes it shows in our eyes and body language, if anyone is paying any attention. But we only pay attention if we really care. My Sword of Significance tells me to LOVE. It tells me to love God with all my heart, and love others as myself. Am I aware of each person’s pain that I interact with? None escape this garden of sorrow and struggle. It’s there if they let you see it. If you’re paying attention. If you really care.

The Samurai was called to a selfless life of protecting and serving others, even unto his own death. His sword and his soul were one. The Star War Jedi Knights are very much a future version of some kind of Samurai, only with a Sword of Light! But I have a Sword of Light. The one true Light. Do I use it to seek out the pain in others, and offer help?

Rey had the warrior spirit. It seems not everyone does. Many people choose to fold. They decide they need drugs, or alcohol, or porn, or whatever painkiller and joybringer they choose, whether God approves or not. But Rey grew stronger in her garden of pain. Some of us fold and some of us grow. Which are you?

“Dear friends, don’t be surprised at the fiery trials you are going through, as if something strange were happening to you. Instead, be very glad — for these trials (fire) makes you partners with Christ in his suffering, so that you will have the wonderful joy of seeing his glory when it is revealed to all the world.” (I Peter 4: 12-13)

Being plunged into fire is not always a bad thing, if you want to become strong and flexible. The Samurai Sword is both. The sharp edge is very sharp and strong, as it has been hardened in high carbon steel, and stretched to a degree of tension, hence the upward curve of the blade that if it were extended would create a large circle, a symbol of eternity.

However, the back of the blade has a certain amount of flexibility, so it will not break. The skilled swordsmith actually coats part of the blade with clay before plunging it into the fire, the holy hearth, for the heat treatments of tempering. This clay offers some protection from the heat, so the back of the blade maintains some flexibility while the edge becomes very hard.

Now realize the making of a great sword also involves God’s hammer. That raw hunk of steel has been hammered and hammered over and over again, to shape it into a square, and then pound it out, heated over and over, and then the steel is folded and cut over and over, and hammered more. All of this before it finally begins to be coated with clay, returned to the fire, and then plunged into cold water!

The cold water is how the edge is stretched and drawn tight in that upward curve, while the back retains flex, because the clay causing differences, somehow creates this effect of difference in contraction. But all this has been said to show the great skill, artistry, and beauty of it all, which results in a blade so sharp and true that it stands out in battle, even unto significance!

Don’t forget, this word “temperance” means self-control, discipline, focus, sharpness, strength, endurance… all of these things and more… developed within us if we have the warrior spirit… the desire to become a quality Christian… not just a cheap sword from Shiloh.

So… can we trust God in this process? Or do we get mad at God, blame him for the seeds we sow, decide we don’t believe in him? Do we fold? Do we crawl back to our comfort zone rather than fight our way to the beauty He is trying to bring about, whether in us or for others? And so God moves to someone else, a Sword of honor… silver and gold.

“My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” (James 1: 2-4)

Yes, God does plunge us into fire for our perfecting. But bad things happen to both the good and the bad. The difference is, as a Christian, God is working towards our good, like a circle, and the circle is not complete until it reaches our good; whereas Satan is only working towards our destruction. If we choose to serve Satan, then our destination is complete destruction, not perfection.

The samurai for Christ realizes his blade must always form a circle. His path is without end, it is eternal. Until a trial works to my good, then it is not completed yet, and the “fight of no fight” – faith, continues on. Romans 8: 28 promises >

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

Note: This powerful promise is very specific as to who it is directed to. “ONLY”… those who love God… and are the called… to His purposes. This is a samurai for Christ, as well as a faithful child of God, follower of the Way, and Christian.

I invite you to reserve your seat at the Willow Tree by hitting the “follow” button. This lets me know if anyone is listening, and wants to hear more. And I want to thank you for choosing to spend your precious time here with me, under the Willow Tree. This series continues. Now go and GROW.

"A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree" #5

Rey uses the force, pushing the two swords into the sand, a sacred burial.

That’s how I like to think of it anyway, because the Light Sabers of Luke and Leia had been a strong and faithful force against the dark side to the very end, and proved themselves…Swords of Significance. She would have treated them with great honor and respect.

How appropriate for Luke’s sword to end up back at the sands of Tatooine, where it all began for him. He never would have dreamed he’d find his Jedi teacher in the desert, and yet so many spiritual stories come by way of desert places, including many of the heroes in my Bible, my Sword of Significance.

Even as Luke had come to a point of dreading every day in that hot, dry, sand; he was now ready to meet his teacher and become a true warrior, but some of that desert remained in his soul, helping create the warrior able to be used of the force.

Most people try to avoid desert places. In this modern world of comfort zones we can go our entire lifetime and never be stuck in the desert. But God can still arrange such things, and some even choose such things, knowing the treasure that is only found in the silence of windblown desert places. In that simple isolation, we finally begin hearing. We begin to realize the invisible, and what is of real importance.

Rey’s sword, the handle made from her scavenger’s staff, symbolizes her new Way, the Way of the Jedi Knight. She has left her old ways of a scavenger, and has possibly chosen the deserts of Tatooine to be her home base for whatever it is she will go forth to do. She is no longer a scavenger, but a true Jedi Knight, trained by the two people whose swords she just buried.

“At that point Felix, who was quite familiar with the Way, adjourned the hearing and said, ‘Wait until Lysias, the garrison commander arrives, then I will decide the case.’ He ordered an officer to keep Paul in custody…” (Acts 24:22-23a)

In the early days Christians were known as “people of the Way”, because they followed Jesus and he claimed to be “The Way”, (the truth and the life). Earlier, in verse 14, Paul admits to being a follower of “the Way”, and that the Jews considered it to be a cult.

Paul was certainly a sword for the Lord. He proved to be a Sword of Significance. But what does a sword go through in order to become a fine and true blade? There are many cheap swords from China that are never meant to be in real battle. A spiritual comparison to that would be cheap Christians from Shiloh who are never going to dedicate themselves to real battle.

What is this old English word used in the Bible and of utmost importance to swords, this word “temperance”? As a matter of fact, Paul uses it in speaking to Felix, and it is one of the things that so frightens him that he sends Paul away!

“And after certain days, when Felix came with his wife Drusilla, which was a Jewess, he sent for Paul, and heard him concerning the faith in Christ. And as he reasoned of righteousness, temperance, and judgement to come, Felix trembled and answered, ‘Go thy way for this time; when I have a convenient season, I will call for thee.'” (Acts 24: 24-25 King James) (Do you think he ever had a convenient season?)

If we are to learn about what it means to be a Sword of Significance, then our best bet is to combine knowledge from a study of Samurai Priestly Sword Makers, along with our Bible, for there are no greater sword craftsmen than the ancient Samurai. The physical sword is simply a material picture of spiritual truth. God has surrounded us with material pictures of spiritual truths, if only we have eyes to see.

Gold and swords are alike! It is fire that purifies them! Fire that creates a purity of which is “significant”, without which it is but a cheap sword from Shiloh! Or gold so full of impurities it is not worth much.

The “ideal” intention of a true Samurai, of which many failed to live up to, but for our purposes, the position of a Samurai was “One who serves”. That is what the title of “Samurai” meant. They served as protectors of the people, and of a ruler. The Samurai was to be completely “selfless” and “devoted” to whoever it was he served.

Great responsibility and honor went with being a Samurai, and because of this, their sword was considered to be an extension of their very soul. They were one with their sword and would fight even unto death in the protection of who they served. If I am samurai for Christ, then it is my desire to become the Word in flesh, even as my Master, the One I serve, is. The Word is in my soul, and my soul in God’s Word. We seek to be one.

The “tempering” process of a sword involves repeated “heat treatments” (fire) applied in skillful ways. And so it is with a true child of God. The word “temperance” is an old English word meaning: “self-control”. Oh my. Do we ever need that today. With divorce rates in the Church the same as the world’s? With pornography and materialism rampant? Do we need more Holy Spirit self-control?

Paul was a sword for the Lord, a sword came out of his mouth, and he spoke to Felix and his wife of three things: righteousness, “temperance”, and judgement to come; and Felix began trembling!

On Pentecost the Holy Spirit descended and lighted on them as cloven flames of fire! That upper room became a Holy Spirit hearth (furnace)! We have much to share about the love of sword craftsmanship as exemplified by Samurai Sword Priest, and how it compares to how God trains and “tempers” us. But for now I want to leave you with a final scripture, and promise to write more soon, here under the Willow Tree.

“But on the judgement day, fire will reveal what kind of work each builder has done. The fire will show if a person’s work has any value. If the work survives, that builder will receive a reward. But if the work is burned up, the builder will suffer great loss. The builder will be saved, but like someone barely escaping through a wall of flames.” (1st Corinthians 3: 13-15)

Our Sword reveals that heaven is full of gold so pure it is as glass! Do not fear the Potter’s hands or wheel or furnace, for he is a master at bringing forth beauty of the highest order. Shall we be vessels of gold and silver, or wood and straw? A cheap sword from Shiloh, or a Sword of the Lord?

Rey buried two swords of honor in the desert. The swords of her teachers.

"A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree" #4

Her blade has become a yellow gold.

Rey stares off across the desert. Two suns hanging over the horizon, possibly representing the two families. And we discover she now has her own sword, but it does not shine a blue or green or red light. It shines a yellow gold. And what does this mean?

She has fought her way to a new potential future where she is finally free to pursue her own dreams. She did not have that option before. As she finds herself at this incredible crossroads, everything has changed. She has already made important decisions, resisting the dark side, serving light, choosing the family name “Skywalker”, and her sword shines a yellow gold. So what path now?

Her sword is the only clue we seem to have, that yellow gold glow. After doing some research of my own I learn the yellow gold light has only been seen with a very devoted sect of Jedi who guard the Jedi Knight Temple! Is she the only current true Jedi Knight? Will she enter such devotion? Must she become the teacher to raise up others? Will she become the great “balance” spoken of in Episode One? Darth Vader certainly did not bring the balance to the universe. Did Luke? It does not seem so. Has Rey finally brought the balance that was prophesied? And will she bring a true light to the Temple?

Hhmmm. No wonder I connected with Rey so quickly. It’s not been easy losing friends because I spoke out against what modern Church has become, and left those four walls to have Church all the time and everywhere. Where did Jesus have Church? Everywhere he went. When did Jesus have Church? All the time.

We have limited God to a square box that cost too much. If I witness for Christ I must invite people to our Church building so they can learn to worship God and hear the Pastor preach. Hopefully they will be converted and decide to be baptized at the Church building, in a smaller Church box. And they will come to all our Church box activities based on the Church schedule. And they will give their money in the box, and we can do more, including build a bigger and fancier Church box. And the Pastor desires a bigger fancier house, too. So he can show how good God is. Maybe he’ll be able to afford that mansion.

Matthew 21> “Jesus entered the temple and began to drive out all the people buying and selling animals for sacrifice.”

“He said to them, ‘The scriptures declare My Temple will be called a house of prayer, but you have turned it into a den of thieves!'” (NLT Version).

Do we forget the simplicity of Christ? Did Constantine lead us down a road of big buildings and lost family closeness? Did he begin putting God back in a box? Back where he was in the Old Covenant? Old Covenant ways of Moses and laws, but not of Christ and freedom?

Does your Church have the faith to preach only those things our New Covenant in Christ teaches? Or do they still love to teach tithing? A law connected to “money”, of all things. (Coincidence?) Where is the faith to live on love offerings as the Apostles and early Church fathers did? You cannot prove tithing by way of the New Testament. The New Covenant in Christ teaches us to be generous givers, and the more you sow the more you reap, but Jesus fulfilled all the law for us, so how can a law of tithing still exist any more than a law of circumcision could? Both go all the way back to Abraham!

Has the modern Church sold out to the love of money and the ways of big business? Most every Pastor today will admit they also have to function as a business man to keep a Church going. And that would be true of these big Churches today. But did Jesus? Did the Apostles? Did the early Church fathers? No. Someone has sold out!

King James version made a very poor choice of words when it quotes Jesus saying, “I must be about my Father’s business.” It should read “in my Father’s house”, or “about my Father’s affairs”. Do you really think God compares “his family” to a business? Like a mob boss? I have never thought of my family as a business. I would never treat one of my children as an employee, unless we actually entered into a business together.

I was even told once by a Pastor, it’s nothing personal, just business! If it were not so sad it would be hilarious. Church was always meant to be “personal”! And not “business”! When Jesus returns a Sword will be coming out of his mouth, and it will not be just against the devil. It will also be against what Church has become at that time, which will be a false Church full of false prophets!

In my opinion that evolution is already underway in our modern Churches, but God ALWAYS has a people separated unto him, walking his true path…Godwalkers. And they will be blowing a trumpet of Zion, warning the people to wake up and seek His face, before all light is nothing but darkness within us. This is why we see a new move of God rising, like the little child, Samuel, coming into the Temple at Shiloh!

For the time being this site, “Sitting Under the Willow Tree”, has become a series entitled: “A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree”. I suspect it shall remain so for some time. Under the Willow is a simple place. I am a preacher of simplicity. Many will not be attracted to such a message. During the summer there are bugs and gnats under the willow. In the winter it gets cold. But I have found God’s voice is there, in the simple things. Is it worth it to hear the voice of God? You bet it is.

"A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree" #3

She chose to be a Skywalker.

As our series continues, I have mentioned I have a collection of movies that when viewed from a certain perspective, can be very spiritually inspiring. Not all of them, but many have something to do with Swords of Significance. For example, the sword “Excalibur” in the King Arthur stories would be a sword of significance, even having some kind of supernatural power.

As you should realize by now, I view God’s Word, our Bible, as a supernatural Sword of the greatest significance. Therefore, it is not unusual for me to find meaning and inspiration in such movies. “Star Wars” would be of that collection. Light Sabers. How much more appropriate could it get? A great battle against the Dark Side! Darkness threatening to rule the universe!

I married a beautiful young lady when I was twenty-one and she was eighteen. Almost 43 years later we are still together and have raised five children! We married in April of 1977, and the very first Star Wars hit the theater later that same year and blew us all away!

I fell in love with the idea of submitting myself to a Sword of Significance, like a Samurai for Christ. I sought training in spiritual ways. I prayed, fasted, even spent times in mountain campsites seeking God. I love the Black Hills area. I studied. I sat under many preachers and read many books. I have loved every day of it, and I continue in that way today. Strange as it may seem, Star Wars drove me towards my Bible, not away.

At that time I could identify with young Luke Skywalker. I could not so much with Obi-Wan; he was what I wanted to be. I hung on all three movies of the original trilogy, and then came the many years of silence. But I continued. The seed had been planted. I had my chosen sword, the Word of God.

As I watched Luke training and growing in the “force” and the way of the Jedi Knight, I also continued in such a path, but not the same. Mine was a different Sword, a different book, and a different way, but I could still identify with and be inspired by the idea of a Jedi Knight.

There is much I could say about Luke Skywalker, but he is not today. Disney brought us a new generation of Jedi Knight, and her name is Rey. When movies I, II, and III came out, for some reason I didn’t connect with them so much. But the moment this new Jedi came on the scene, untrained and unknown, struggling to survive, another underdog, I had an immediate connection.

Rey is of today, and so is my Willow Tree. At least for now, I want to speak of today. She did not know her family tree! She was a nobody! She did not know who she was. She was told she was a descendant of peasants. Nothing special. And yet Luke’s Light Saber kept calling to her?

It scared her. She did not understand. She just wanted to find her family of nobodies. She tries to run from it! The dark side also pulling at her, even as it does all of us! But the need was great. She finally answered the call and even managed to find Luke! But he tossed his Sword away as if it was nothing! A curse! A thing to be destroyed! And her journey became even more confusing as someone almost ruined the Star War’s story, by taking Luke completely out of character, and then movie number IX had to try and fix all that.

I went to the Willow Tree that day, happy, and with much to think about. She didn’t know who she was. Darkness and light wrestled within her. She made choices and her actions revealed them. By the end of the show, her eyes are towards the horizon, her future, and who does she choose to be? “My name is Skywalker,” she says. She disowns her physical birth and her old family to embrace being a Skywalker.

Genesis 5:23-24 says of a man named Enoch, “Enoch lived 365 years, walking in close fellowship with God. Then one day he disappeared, because God took him.”

Enoch chose to be a Godwalker. He walked with God and pleased Him so much, that God took him. Enoch is one of my great inspirations. To choose to be a Godwalker, a powerful force indeed. I have chosen such and only God knows how well I have succeeded or failed, but it has been such a delight in my life to chase after God! No matter how many times I may have fallen, God picks me up. Supernatural.

I thought of these things at the Willow Tree. I broke some bark off and it is right by my side as I write these words. I also took some twigs and use them for book markers in my Bibles. Willow Tree twigs make great book markers.

My Sword, my husband (see P-1), speaks to me of “temperance”. Now that is a biblical word with a whole lot of meaning, and you don’t want to be a cheap sword from China. Temperance is very very very important with swords, and also people!

I want to speak more of this tempering of swords, swords of significance, and of people. Rey took Luke’s and Lea’s swords to the desert. She wrapped them together and buried them with the reverence and honor they deserved.

My thoughts continued at the Willow Tree and so shall this series… soon. Until then, thank you for having a seat under the Willow Tree.

"A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree" #2

“He did not make it to the Willow Tree.”

I recently had the loss of a friend. He passed away rather suddenly at age 49, much younger than I, much younger than his teacher, but I am the teacher he rejected.

There is more to tell about this Willow Tree, and one who made it and one who did not. We were a trio. Three friends who did things together. And one of us did not have a lot of friends because he had issues, emotional issues that required a lot of patience at times, to remain friends. But we did. The three of us did, until we did not. Because he made it very plain, he cut us off. “I will have nothing to do with your Fellowship!” he loudly proclaimed in a Subway restaurant.

Yes, it was rather embarrassing, but people will embarrass you at times, when you follow Jesus. He made his choice that night and cut us off. The “3” became “2”. And our Fellowship went on. (There are actually four of us in the Fellowship.) But when a tree fell on his roof, who did he call? Did he call the big church he chose to be a part of? No.

It just happened to happen on a Sunday morning. Every one would be rising to go to Church. He called me. I came immediately and helped with the emergency, but he still chose the big Church. I hope it did not have to do with money. The Church has helped them with money since he left us. My little group does not have much money to give, even though we did give to his wife after he suddenly passed away. We gave what we had, and the Pastor preached his funeral and put him in the ground.

I worry about Christians today, and what they follow. Who is this materialistic Jesus the modern preachers preach? It should be “impossible” to create a materialistic Jesus, and yet somehow they have, and people love it. So… I did not know I would be sharing this story in my life…but I go where the Spirit leads me…and this is where I find myself today…in my quiet time. So here is a story you can decide what it means to you.

When we were “3”, we did things together, and of course, me being the way I am, I led my 2 friends to special places. One of them being a place I had named “Warrior Hill”. This place required a hike through nature and a rugged climb up a big hill. Once you reached the top, it was another hike to a scenic cliff overlooking a large body of water and beautiful view. It was a place to relax, enjoy food, fellowship, beauty of nature, and of course…Spirit.

The “3” of us enjoyed that place. It is a great memory now, before everything was spoiled by what now feels like betrayal. I happen to know he never found the kind of fellowship at that Church that he had with us. He never got the “closeness” he had with us. Who did he call in the emergency? Me. Who did he call when he was dying? He did call his Church Pastor, but he also called me.

And somehow… he passed away before any of us could see him. None of us knew he was actually dying, until a few hours before he did. He called me on Friday to let me know he was in hospital. I was planning on seeing him Sunday, but we got a call early Sunday morning. I was in the hospital trying to find his room when his soul left his body. The Pastor never made it.

The big Church sent 2 people who stood before us and said a few words before they turned and left. They spent a short time in the hospital room with the wife, but did not socialize with the family at all. Who was there that day? Not the Pastor, but me.

I do not have a popular message, but there have been many times in history where “truth” was not popular, such as in the days of Noah. Jesus plainly stated you cannot serve God and money! And yet my “gut” keeps telling me the Church has sold out to money. Therefore, a Sword comes out of this warrior’s mouth and people don’t like it.

My friend cut us off before I was led to the discovery of the Willow Tree. I would have taken him there. It is a place God speaks to me. I have taken 2 other people there, so far. The other member of our one time trio has made it both to “Warrior Hill”, and also the “Willow Tree”. The other friend never made it to the Willow Tree.

People today, like to blame God for all the bad things that happen on earth, because they think if God is all powerful, why doesn’t he stop all the unfair things in this earth. They like to ignore that God promised not to fix things until an appointed time. He is a God who keeps his word, and they ignore that God gave man the governing of this earth in Genesis chapter one. He has not taken back that dominion. If anyone should be mad and casting blame, it should be God! We messed up his perfect creation because we could not pass one simple test, and chose to believe a snake over God. There is no one else to blame but ourselves. The buck stops here! With us! You and I! Stop blaming God! For mercy’s sake, wise up, get honest, and stop blaming God.

However, God did promise an appointed time where he takes back over and rules with a rod of iron, just like these people seem to want him to, and there will be 1000 years of peace and no death. But why does he wait? Why not do it now?

Well, besides the point he gave his word, there is also the little matter of people who will still get saved, but have not yet, would be cut off. Now one might ask, won’t that still be true when the appointed time comes? Maybe not.

Remember… as in the days of Noah. Noah preached righteousness to the people for like 100 years, and not one person got saved!!! Could mankind repeat such a history. Will there come a time when no one else will get saved anyway? So then the Lord returns after all who will get saved have gotten saved.

Revelation reveals the 1000 year reign begins after the Mark of the Beast. Anyone taking that mark has doomed their soul. After giving it some thought, I realized people will be forced to make a decision. After a little while, most likely those who are willing to die before taking that mark, have already made that decision and are barely surviving some where, if they have not already been executed. Perhaps mankind will be at such a place again, where no one else will believe? When Jesus returns to the earth, will he find faith?

How many modern materialistic Christians will be able to say “No” to the mark, when it means they must give up everything they have pursued and enjoyed, possibly even their life? How many Christians will betray Christ for the sake of money?

My friend never got to share the Willow Tree with me, but 2 of us have, and will again. The doctors said he developed mono, of all things, and it damaged his liver, and for some other reason his kidneys were also shutting down. It was strange and swift. And even as I tried, God did not allow me to see him one last time before he passed.

I mentioned in previous article, I went to the Willow after seeing Star Wars episode 9. I had thought I would share those thoughts in this article, but the Wind took me this way, so perhaps next time. But I leave this true event with you to ponder and decide for yourself. Yes, there are many possibilities of why it all happened. But for some reason the “fellowship” was broken. and even though I kept my door open, we were never a trio again and now he is gone, and at such a young age. We never know the time we have. These bodies are houses built upon sand.

Thanks for visiting the Willow Tree with me, where the Sword of the Lord does shine. I hope the Lord’s Sword is a beautiful thing to you, drawing you back time and time again. I hope it does not cause you to flee, but to embrace.

"A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree." #1

Who will answer the Willow Tree?

I have so much in my heart I hope to share. For the past three months I’ve been very involved in remodeling our old house so it can continue its development into a House Church. Much progress has been made, but also much to go. And then there is the Teepee and spiritual retreat at the farm. So much to do, and so little help. I can’t believe I get to enjoy all this developing of a vision to myself. Building it with my own hands one day at a time, and at my age. Is there enough time? Only God knows. My assignment is to proceed in faith.

There is a lot of “ugly” in this world, and the job of all spiritual warriors is to find the “beauty”. Most of the time, God’s assignment to us involves bringing some beauty out of a lot of ugly and pain. This can take many shapes and forms. For example, here is a before and after picture of a beam in our old house.

We transformed that ugly into beauty with our own hands. But I have missed writing while I’ve been building, and God has given me so much to say. This is the beginning of a series. Perhaps a long series. “A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree”. (W.-W.T.)

Where do I even begin with this subject? One of the goals of this series is to discuss special movies I have collected over the years. Movies I believe send a very spiritual and true message when viewed from the right perspective, even though they were made by Hollywood. But before I can get into any of those, I must explain what this perspective I have is, and I have found most people struggle with this image.

For some odd reason I have always loved this spiritual analogy, even from childhood, and have spent at least 50 years developing ways of sharing it. The particular movies I have collected are some of the “tools” I use.

What does it mean to be more than a “civilian” citizen of heaven, but a spiritual warrior? Did Jesus even teach such things? And why does my Bible call itself a Sword? And why is Jesus described in the book of Revelation as coming back on a white horse with a Sword coming out of his mouth? Does the life you’re living fit any of that? And what does that kind of life look like, because again, it takes many shapes and forms.

I’m not considered the “normal” Bible teacher, so let me start with this. I happened upon a comic book the other day, just by chance, and in this graphic novel was a character called “Katana”. She is very deadly with Samurai swords, especially her own, which in this fiction story is not a mere sword, but also contains the soul of her husband! Yes, there would be a supernatural element here, but so is your Sword!

We will speak of this more, but we only begin cracking open the door of this subject, and I hope some will want to know more, but if the Bible says it is a Sword, and John Chapter One says the Word (Jesus) became flesh. Note: Jesus was the Word “first”, and then took on flesh and blood. Whereas we come at this from the other direction. We were flesh and blood “first”, and now we are becoming the Word? A Sword? (That’s the assignment.)

So… do your spiritual algebra… if the Word of God is a Sword…and Jesus was the Word made flesh… then he is also a Sword… and he has become our husband? Hhmmm. Truth can be stranger than fiction.

Here’s the bottom line, if you accepted Christ, you have been supernaturally born again into a supernatural existence. God birthed us into a supernatural plain AND gave us a Sword? And tells us that Sword is to be our husband. We are the bride of Christ. Follow me so far? Hhmmm.

I challenge you to not take this lightly, but truly attempt wrapping your brain around what we have been called to be. We’re not mere humans anymore, but a new race of people in Christ, birthed in the supernatural, and given a spiritual Sword. How else can we describe being “born-again” except it be a supernatural work, applied to us? Wow. Is that the picture in your head when you wake up every morning? Is that the fire burning within that gets you out of bed every day? It could be. The Christian life is supernatural from beginning to end. It is actually supernatural, or it is nothing at all!

I’m still working part time as a dishwasher to earn “me” money. I just ordered a beautiful $350 Samurai sword the other day. (Pictures will come.) It has the theme of an eagle. But I work with a guy who is very verbal about being an atheist, and he doesn’t like anyone trying to talk otherwise. As a matter of fact, he’s pretty vocal about everything. And he does not believe in God. Period!

However, I am a spiritual warrior. A Sword comes out of my mouth. So you can imagine. But as I said, I don’t teach the Bible in the normal way, and I started with him by saying, ” I very much believe in the supernatural.”

It’s funny how people who don’t want to talk about God, will still enjoy talking about the supernatural. So when I said that, he did not get mad or turn me off. He was interested. And then I said, “I very much believe in the supernatural, both the good and bad side of it, and I want to be on the good side, so I start everyday in prayer.” Hhmmm. I just kind of let that hang there. He got a little quiet. It just happens he’s got a lot of bad things happening in his life right now. So… if there is the supernatural, why be on the bad side of it? Next time I may tell him that God is the most supernatural of all.

I’ve spent 64 years learning about a way of life Jesus promoted. I’ve depended on prayer and faith as powerful weapons to my advantage for 64 years. Over those many years, when I look back, I see a mountain of evidence that the Word of God is TRUE, and also a Spirit Sword against the enemy of our soul.

I will likely write much over the next few weeks, making up for lost time. We had an unusual day on December 26th this year, in Indiana. It was 54 degrees out and sunny! It just happened my wife and I planned to see episode 9 of Star Wars that day. The theater is located within walking distance of the Willow Tree! And I went there after the movie to think, and hear God. I have so much more to say. This is barely a beginning.

It was interesting seeing a Willow without its’ leaves. It was so warm, but the sun was getting low. Time, daylight, running out. I sat there in the silent beauty. Listening. (I will write more, soon.)

Thank you for visiting the Willow Tree with me. Please come back. There is much more to say.

“I’m too simple.”

There are many things I could share about this first Black RAM Adventure, but it was a learning experience revealing to me just what an oddball I am. I headed to southern Indiana. I was on way to O’Bannon Woods State Park. My 1990 Black Ram Truck was fully loaded and prepared to be my micro home for next 5 days. My truck bed becomes my campsite, complete with wood burning stove, and shelter. However…

I camp primitive. I expect to camp CHEAP. Back to nature. I don’t need electricity, showers, bathroom, etc! I want to back my pickup into a spot with just a little privacy and feel like I’m in some woods! I’m not there to socialize with my neighbor. I get that at home in the big city. I left the big city to get away! But I discover, at least in Indiana, not many people want primitive anymore!

Campers today want their electricity. They want to hook up their rolling 5 star hotel to all the conveniences of home, or the big city! On way to O’Bannon Woods Park I happened to find a public access point which had a simple boat ramp into Blue River, and a nice cleared area to park vehicles. There was a winding gravel path off the road to get there, surrounded by woods the whole way. But the access point also had a large sign saying no camping or camp fires!

Okay. I’m not one to break the rules unless the rules need to be broken. I really liked the area. Blue River was the first river I was trying to find. It was peaceful, slow moving, and beautiful. No one was there! I noticed it would be so easy to back my Ram to the edge of the parking spot and let down my tailgate hanging right over woods and a scenic view of the river! Perfect!!! However…

Okay. No camping. O’Bannon State Park was just a little more driving and they had camping. I put the Ram in gear, drove back up the gravel path, headed to the park. When I arrived I find what they called primitive camping was $20.00/ night! Wow! Camping sure went up since I last went!

I drove back to check the sites and they were mainly for people with horses! Very little privacy. Right next to each other. No scenic view. No Blue River. I left. I went back to the public access point, backed into that spot, and enjoyed 2 beautiful days of woods and solitude. On the 2nd day a couple people launched canoe or fishing boats. They paddled away, didn’t bother me and I didn’t bother them. They finally came back and left.

During the day I enjoyed fixing my foods, relaxing in anti-grav chair, reading, writing, praying, listening to the woods, small walks, the Blue River, and tried my first Fly Fishing. I’m terrible at it, and it was not a good spot because the water went deep so quickly that I could not wade out without being drenched. And mornings were so cold my hands froze! Painful! But we endured, pressed through, lost a lure and learned a few things, like find a better spot.

Those first two days were a complete success as I camped bandit style in the Black Ram. My wood stove worked great, and felt so good when the nights got cold.

After two days I headed along the Ohio River, to Tell City, and on to Evansville where I visited an incredible “Used Books Warehouse”! And road my bike, Red Pony, on a path with view of the Ohio River. It was awesome. But my goal was to get to a park called “Harmonie State Park” on the Wabash River. I finally got there, rather exhausted, maybe one hour daylight left. I pulled up to the gate and asked for primitive camping. They no longer had primitive!

It was going to be $32.10/ night! And three big RVs were already lined up behind me to get in! And don’t ask me why they needed that extra ten cents! When the man at the gate noticed my sticker shock, he said it’s getting hard to find primitive camping in these parts now days. And then stood there smiling. I told the man next summer I’m going north! I’m going into Michigan and clear to the top, cross that bridge and end up in Wisconsin! Indiana has gotten too civilized for me! (And expensive!)

I drove that night. I drove away. I slept in the cab of truck that night. I found a park called Patoka Park and it was awesome. It was my last day and I couldn’t spend the night, but I did find a place to come back to. Nice primitive spots for $12.00/night. Trails, scenic views, archery range, bike path, it is a park I can enjoy when I can’t go long and north.

But I guess I’m just too simple. I don’t want electricity when I go to woods. I’m there to get away from TV and such things. Modern campers don’t get the true benefits of the woods. Their souls are just as cluttered when they leave as when they came. I see the same thing in many modern churches. I believe in simple church. But again, I’m too simple. The simplicity of Christ.

I remember my wife’s family used to have a cottage on a big lake. When I would get up of the morning, the surface of that water was smooth like glass! Peaceful like a lily pond. Beautiful as liquid silver. But a couple hours later that water was so choppy, muddy, and noisy from speed boats and skiers that it didn’t seem like it could be the same lake. Well…people’s souls are like that. When the speed boats stopped for the night, and the water got the chance to settle, smooth out, be peaceful; it got rid of all that choppiness of the day. When morning came it was all smooth, peaceful, and beautiful again.

Going to the woods is a chance for our soul to get rid of the clutter, hear God, get peaceful and beautiful again, but not if we bring all the clutter with us. Church is the same. We soup it up. Church on steroids. Theater. All we do is pollute the beauty of what is otherwise a place to slow down and detox.

At that public access point, on the second night the sky was so clear it was filled with an abundance of stars everywhere! My view of them as I lay on my bedroll, fire burning in the stove, was through the gaps of the leaves overhanging my truck. I loved it. I only put the tarp on at night, but it’s pulled back where I can see straight up into those stars.

When I finally pulled away the next day, not a trace could be seen that anyone camped there. No burnt ring on ground. No trash, etc. Everything happened in the back of my truck. Leave no trace.

I may be too simple for our modern day, but there is a real hunger building in people for simplicity. I believe a lot of disease has roots that actually go deep into the soul. The soul is toxic, and out of that comes sickness, depression, and every form of evil. But we no longer turn to God’s Word to learn God’s ways and the detoxing of our soul. We love the complex and shallow. We don’t sit still long enough for the simple and deep. But we preach those seats under the Willow Tree. I hope that’s why you come here. Thanks for stopping in.

God’s “Super” in our “Natural”.

So we begin the story of my first official Black RAM Adventure, as has been the vision for a couple months now and there is so much more yet to come. This is only the beginning of not only connecting with my 8 Grandkids about the simple ways of Christ, but also the world. And God already showed up confirming all, as only he can.

The first stage of this journey involved me leaving early retirement to work part-time as a dishwasher! Only about 18 hours a week. It is a very chaotic job that my wife never thought I would last even 2 weeks at, but its been over 2 months now. That job has also given me the chance to speak into a few young people’s lives whom I have met on this job, as we are knee deep in garbage, dirty dishes, and spraying hot water.

But what is supernatural about all that? How does God put the “super” in our “natural”? First of all, what is your personal assignment from God? The Presence of God mostly inhabits where we are “supposed” to be. If we’re not concerned about God’s “Call” on our life, it’s not likely we are walking with Him, because he is there waiting on us to collaborate with God in his will. If God leads me to wash dishes, then that is where I need to be, and the “super” will begin happening in my “natural”. (But not necessarily while dish washing. It can be any part of your life.) Here’ an example.

Just before leaving on my 5 day adventure, I made arrangements to pick up my oldest Grandson, Gabriel, to show him what Grandpa White Feather had done to his truck. He had not seen how I had built walls that fold up from the floor to create a private area. He had not seen how the floor would extend out, creating a front porch. He had not seen how a large tarp could become like a tent over the truck when weather was bad. He had not seen the 55 gallon steel drum that was now a functioning wood stove! Nor had he seen the beauty of how I can back the bed of that truck into any scenic spot, and set up high with a grand view, enjoying my anti-grav chair, coffee, and food. It is truly awesome. So I had a plan to show him all this at the Eagle Creek Reservoir lookout. A place near our home.

So… the plan was set…the day arrived…I went out to start the RAM and pick him up when… “CLICK”! One solid click. It seemed the starter had chosen that moment to go out. It was not the sound of a bad battery. It was one solid click I could hear coming from the starter. There had been no previous indications of any kind that I had a starter going bad. But I also knew starters sometimes don’t go out immediately, if you keep hitting the key they might still start, and so I did. Roughly 5 clicks or so, and the RAM roared to life with its usual low rumble.

I was very happy. So was the RAM. I had a date to keep with Grandson! But now I had to consider if we might get stranded? What if truck failed to start? And he had to be home by a set time because he had a “Driver’s Ed” to be at that day. Hhmmm, what to do what to do? I felt led to put the RAM in drive and headed out in faith. Grandpa White Feather on a mission to rescue Grandson from more video fantasy and inject some mother nature reality into his day! It is my mission!

So I did not shut the truck off as I picked him up, nor when we stopped for junk food, nor the first spot we tried, but when we had just the right spot, I shut the RAM down and prayed under my breath, Lord please let this old starter start one more time.

So we had a great time in our spot. He told me about video games, about his friends, the girlfriend he is no longer with, we talked about old trucks, we ate junk food and enjoyed a beautiful view of sparkling water in sun shine from my Eagle’s Nest. (Which is what I have decided to call it.)

He rode my bike, Red Pony, on a bike path, and we played with my new waders and Fly Fishing set. (Which is new for me and I’m trying to learn.) Here’s a few pictures.

Now God is working on some magic I know nothing of. It’s coming. But before you can appreciate it, I must tell you something that happened a couple years previous with this Grandson, and I, and the RAM.

Gabriel just happened to accompany me once, to a salvage yard, to dump some junk and collect a little cash. The day just happened to be very wet and muddy from earlier rain. I backed the RAM carefully into a spot, we got out and carefully maneuvered through all the puddles of water and mud, climbed into back of truck and began carefully unloading. You had to be careful where you threw the stuff. If you hit a puddle, it could be bad. You know where this is going.

We successfully unloaded everything without getting sprayed once! We did great! Gabriel climbed down from the truck bed and I was about to when I spotted that we missed one item. An old car battery, black, same color of truck bed, almost got missed! I quickly grabbed it, stepped onto the tail gate and let it go! (Unfortunately, I didn’t look first.) Gabriel was now standing by the tail gate, and Grandpa White Feather was on tail gate, looking down, and realizing this could be bad!!!???)

That crazy battery, and you know how heavy and sharply square they are. That crazy battery landed perfectly flat, right into a wet mud hole. The mud and water flew everywhere! Even into my face as I stood on the tail gate! In one moment, Gabriel and I both got spayed good, after being so careful that whole time!

As the splash settled, we were both silent for a moment, and then as I looked at him wiping mud off, and he looked up at me doing the same, we both broke into laughter we could not stop. We talked about that the rest of day. Told Grandma all about it, and have never forgotten it. If my assignment is to connect with my Grandkids, then God was at work with some of his “super” in my “natural” and I did not even know. And it was about to happen again!

It was time to leave. I had told Gabriel about the starter, and with him just learning to drive, he’s very interested in all things vehicle. He even wanted to drive the truck. And after I folded everything down, we climbed into truck. I gave him a look and confidently turned the key. We both were totally focused on the key, the starter, a sound we were hoping for, and one we were not. The one we got was… CLICK!

I must have clicked that thing 30-40 times with no luck. I couldn’t believe the starter had quit on me so quickly. Although it was very old. So I decided to get under truck, bang on the starter with a big wrench, while Grandson kept hitting the key. Now he was in the drivers seat behind the wheel, like he had wanted to be, but we got a dead truck going nowhere. Not what he had in mind.

I banged on starter but to no avail. Nothing was working. I crawled back out from under and climbed into the passenger side. Might as well let Gabriel stay where he is while I call Grandma for a rescue run. But guess what? I found out later, that Grandma’s phone had gone on the blitz for no good reason! Right at that very same time! And she didn’t know it! None of my calls were getting through. It wasn’t till later, when she tried to use her phone, she discovered a problem. She had to shut the phone completely down and restart, before it worked again! And there was all my calls! (Too late now.)

So there we were. Truck dead. Grandpa in passenger seat hopelessly calling Grandma, and Grandson in drivers seat still playing with the key. I told him I didn’t know why Grandma was not answering? And his time to be home was drawing closer. His parents were at work. We were stuck! And then God did his “super”. All of a sudden the RAM cranked and sprang to life with that low roar! We were elated! Gabriel looked at me like he just did the impossible! He was so proud! We were in shock! I finally said, we just created another Black RAM memory! I began to mention the salvage yard, but he said it before I even started! And that was 2 years prior!

So…I had 3 days left before I was supposed to leave on my 5 day venture. It was also dish washing days. I removed the starter one day, and put new one in the next. Did my packing on third day. On day 4 I fired up the Black RAM and headed out into a rain, and the great unknown.

Thanks for setting with me for a spell, under the Willow Tree. Our previous article on “Momentum”, what is the quality of your motion? Do you live in a godly momentum, in which God’s will is being accomplished in supernatural ways? Or is it a stressful chaotic lustful worldly momentum? Jesus spoke of a man who when he found a pearl of great value, hidden in a common dirt field, he sold all he had and bought that simple field. I like to picture him just sitting there in the field, perhaps on a blanket, on the dirt, simply enjoying the treasure he has found, while everyone else may think him crazy, but this is what Jesus taught and the Apostles followed. This is what we teach here, under God’s Willow Tree. More of the 5 day Black RAM Adventure coming soon.

There is no way I have the power to have made things happen just the way it did, that day. That was God adding his special touch to my obedience. It’s all very simple, really. Perhaps too simple for most. Modern church has done a good job of complicating everything, and adding stress where there is supposed to be REST. Jesus said his yoke was easy, his burden light.


Welcome to another episode of “Sitting Under the Willow Tree” where we learn that patience, like a slow flowing peaceful river, will achieve great things. You do not have to rush. You do not have to be stressed out and anxious. You CAN enjoy the journey! If you have patience, maintain peace, joy, and faith, HEAR GOD, and flow in a forward motion like a peaceful river. I just spent 5 days at three different peaceful rivers. The Black RAM Adventures have officially begun and already a success.

Everyone feared for my life! They said I might blow myself up! They warned the first Black RAM Adventure would be blowing the 1990 Dodge sky high with me in it! And that would be the first, and also last! But wisdom and peace has prevailed over all those who live in too much fear.

I know, people should be careful. Tell that to those who have wrecks everyday on the highways because they were in too much of a hurry, or distracted. Jesus said we strain at gnats and swallow camels. He was sooo right in every single word he ever spoke. Only God can do that. We need the mind of Christ.

The mind of Christ? First of all, the mind of Christ would be very aware of what his personal assignment from God is, and that mission would be the North Star guiding his daily life. The mind of Christ would also know that Jesus flows like a peaceful river, and that assignment would not be a source of stress and anxiety, but peace, joy, and fulfillment. The things of God should not be accomplished in the same way as the world functions. God’s Kingdom is upside down to the world.

Here at the Willow Tree we challenge people to pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and look at what you’re doing. Is that really what Jesus did, and how he would do it?

This site is about my assignment from God to remind people of the SIMPLE ways Christ established for the original church. The same SIMPLE ways all the Apostles obeyed, and the early church fathers, clear up to around the time of Constantine. How far the church has strayed from those simple ways as they copy the world.

As part of my obedience to that vision, we began a simple Fellowship as our way of having church. But another very important part of my assignment from God is to reach into the future…by like 50 years or so…and affect it with this simple message…for a time I believe it will be greatly needed…but the seeds of that MOMENTUM must be planted today!

Oh how we have lost the “super” in God’s supernatural, and we live by so many natural ways. We no longer understand the supernatural power of a peaceful flowing river. We live anxious all the time. We want we want we want and we chase. Run, run, run. But Jesus said he came to give us REST.

It’s not the blazing fire that burns everything up in an hour that gets you through a cold night. It is the slow burning fire, steadily radiating heat over the long haul.

Why am I reaching 50 years into the future? Most Christians believe we are in the last days and Jesus could come any second. And true, he could. But most likely not. God seems to run on the Jewish calendar, not the one we’re familiar with, and that calendar says we could easily have 50-60 years left, or even more before Christ would be late. Google it to study for yourself. I have another site for such things, but here at the Willow Tree it’s more about keeping it simple.

How do we put the “super” into our natural? Only God. God puts the super into our natural when we slow down and let God. When we have a healthy prayer life, and close walk with Him. When we stop racing ahead of him, and simply enjoy His Presence. So how did God tell me to reach 50 years into the future, a time I will likely be long gone? This is the second part of my assignment, MY GRANDCHILDREN. I have 8 of them, and there will likely be 9 or 10 eventually.

Yes, Grandpa White Feather is using his old truck and what I’m calling Black RAM Adventures to reach his grandchildren. To get them out into nature where everything is REAL. And teach them great lessons of God, reality, and eternity, i.e. FUTURE. The PRESENT, and the FUTURE.

So… much has happened in the last couple weeks and I will need to blog perhaps a few days in a row to catch up. My first Black RAM Adventure is actually history now.

But let me stretch just a little more to at least give you this…why was everyone afraid this old man was going to blow himself sky high in his old Dodge Ram? Because I took a steel 55 gallon drum, cut a door in it, filled bottom with rocks, cut a hole in top, stuck a pipe in it, and lit it up! I mean a nice wood burning stove right in the back of my 1990 Dodge Ram and it worked great! And thus, Grandpa White Feather got everyone’s attention, including his grandkids. Here’s a couple of pictures.

But before I get into the fantastic 5 days I had, there was a day of connection with my oldest grandson, with the truck, just before I left. That will be next article, likely shot out tomorrow.

In the previous article called: “Micro-Macro-Meta-Morpho”, we spoke of the Biblical principal of sowing all the tiny steps of a journey that leads to the Macro accomplishment. This is also faith. It is also a state of REST that still accomplishes, because God puts the SUPER into it. He blesses it. As we are faithful in our daily walk to our CALL, our assignment, our fulfillment, a force called MOMENTUM begins building, and it is a powerful force! Momentum is a physics term that refers to the QUALITY of MOTION an object has. And once enough momentum is achieved, it is a very hard force to stop! But I like that description of “quality” of “motion”.

Jesus moved with quality of motion. As his followers, do we? Is the SUPER in our natural? The momentum Jesus built had quality of motion. Have we built a godly momentum, or worldly? We have much to speak about here under the Willow Tree. Too much for any one article. So we will slow down, eat this part of the elephant today, and enjoy some more tomorrow. I hope we’re offering something here you won’t want to miss. We need to get back to what Jesus actually did, and the kind of church he actually started. And the family unit was a top priority with God. It should be no surprise God might give grandchildren as an assignment to grand parents. In fact, it happens all the time. There is a REST reserved for the people of God.

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