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“Our Father’s House” #4

Do we forget how fragile is this house of clay? As our dead doubled in a single day? But our soul, our spirit, is not fragile at all when empowered by God. Thus Jesus taught the lesson of a house built upon sand compared to one built upon ROCK. The prodigal wanted his stuff “NOW”.Continue reading ““Our Father’s House” #4″

"Our Father's House" #1

“Calling all prodigals back to our Father’s House.” There is power in the House. How exactly does this “Spirit thing”, “faith thing”, “Jesus thing” work? It works as a paradox. It defies logic and natural law. It is based in supernatural laws connected to the House of God. If you cannot suspend your human logicContinue reading “"Our Father's House" #1”

“A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree” #23

Lies always have an expiration date. As I watched the Emergency Presidential speech today, I thought wouldn’t it be nice if I could know the truth here. There is a reason for the old saying: hindsight is 20/20. The reason is, eventually the truth is known. When we can look back and see what reallyContinue reading ““A Warrior sat under the Willow Tree” #23″